Cremacaffe ‘Spike’ and ‘OP-Bunny’ Tabletop Gear Stands

Cremacaffe_OP-Bunny_bunchFinnish design house Cremacaffe has debuted two whimsical, modular gear stands, ‘Spike’ and the ‘OP-Bunny,’ designed especially for holding small synths and drum machines.

Cremacaffe’s OP-Bunny is meant for use with Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synthesizer. The original design of the OP-Bunny (pictured above) consists of two interlocking wooden pieces that easily come together for holding the OP-1 at a slight angle. The stand disassembles and can be stashed, along with the small synth, in a small soft bag (included).

Cremacaffe_Spike_two_anglesThe Cremacaffe ‘Spike’ stand consists of three pieces, and can be assembled to hold a small synth or drum machine at two different angles.

Spike is designed to accommodate quite a few different instruments, including Korg’s new Electribe and Electribe Sampler, Novation’s Launch Control (Launchpad, Launchkey), Roland’s TB-303, Native Instruments’ Maschine, Akai’s MPC / MPK series, and more. (List on the Spike product page).

Pricing and Availability. Cremacaffe’s OP-Bunny, and Spike gear stands are € 40 each, shipping included. To order, or for more information, visit Cremacaffe’s website.

10 thoughts on “Cremacaffe ‘Spike’ and ‘OP-Bunny’ Tabletop Gear Stands

  1. Crimes, I just go to office works and buy wooden book ends, nail a bit of wood on the horizontal part as a stopper and it works for all my volca, monotribe, Roland 606 type stuff. Maybe the set of ten cost $60?

  2. Making Kosmo | Double tabletop stand for laptop and music gear.

    A taste of routine-handcraft work on our new Kosmo double tabletop stands for laptop and music gear, before reaching out to customers worldwide – from our Sicilian base in a warm summer afternoon.

    After lasercutting at the workshop, the paper protection layer is pealed off. Wood is then sanded, partly stained, left to dry out in the open, then hand-sanded again.

    A refreshing walk on the beach at dusk, ends our busy day as a reward.

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