Spitfire Audio Releases eDNA Earth, Senseless Chaotic Hell To ‘Strip the Enamel Off Your Teeth’

Compositional tools creator Spitfire Audio has released the first phase in its eDNA (Electronic DNA) project, eDNA01 – EARTH.

eDNA01-EARTH is a collection of 1,900-plus basic instruments “mangled” into 1,001 custom patches, across a half dozen groupings they’re calling ‘cartridges’ for Native Instruments’ Kontakt for Mac (OS X 10.7 and up) and for PC (Windows 7).

Spitfire Audio describes the extensive collection as “the most original, haunting, beautiful, epic, fat, angry, and downright unpleasant sounds you’re ever likely to set ears upon — here, there, or anywhere (else)”.

Spitfire_Audio_eDNA_earth_Bent_Dalek_Bass_GateeDNA01-EARTH consists of six “cartridges” or groups of sounds:

  • Dyztopia, “easily the edgiest of the carts going from stark beauty to senseless chaotic frenzied hell,… suited for the rougher end of EDM, hybrid blockbuster and trailer work”
  • Moviedrome, cinematic and orchestral sounds suited for big screen
  • DiscoMan, more fun sounds for contemporary pop and dance, “centering on many infectious grooves”
  • AnalogaNaut, less orchestrally derived aspects of earth – merging organic elements with the designer’s vintage synth collection
  • Disphoria, a fresh look at many classic EDM sounds; a “journey from quirky 8-bit and vintage game console [sounds] to ambient techno, minimal house and on to step sequence patches that will strip the enamel off your teeth
  • SoundSwamp, the simplest sonic couplings – “almost like earthly instruments, but not quite”

A more detailed walkthrough of eDNA01-EARTH narrated by Spitfire Audio co-founder Paul Thomson is below:

Pricing and Availability. Spitfire Audio’s eDNA01 – EARTH for Kontakt is available for download directly from Spitfire Audio and is priced at £149.00 GBP (subject to VAT within the EU). Until October 1, the library is discounted to an introductory price of £129.00 GBP. More detailed information is available via Spitfire Audio.

5 thoughts on “Spitfire Audio Releases eDNA Earth, Senseless Chaotic Hell To ‘Strip the Enamel Off Your Teeth’

  1. What a fantastic but poor video. On the one hand, totally epic production. On the other, TELLS ME ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT WHAT I GET FOR MY HARD EARNED CASH. When are people going to grow up? I love a trailer as much as the next man, but when it comes to spending, tell me what I’ll get, please.

    1. Agreed. We have finally come full circle, where the one and only way left to stand out from the crowd would be to speak plainly about your product and show clear pictures of it.

    2. Are you blind? Before you judge or complain try giving the video a look. the 28min one.. don’t just whine at a promo doing its job and ignore the video offering EXACTLY what you want lol. Grow up! You just WANT to complain, lets be fair here. Your mistake. not theirs.

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