Twisted Electrons’ Intros ‘Aggressive’ SID-based TherapSid Synth

Twisted Electrons
has released their newest synthesizer, the TherapSid.

Based on the SID (Sound Interface Design) chip and named for the fearsome long-toothed Therapsid dinosaur, the TherapSid is an “aggressive” synth intended “to create roaring noises that will cut through your mix like razor-sharp claws through a mammoth steak.”

Twisted_Electrons_TherapSid_and_ipadTherapSid Features:

  • Compatible with all SIDS
  • 3 Oscillators, 4 waveforms per oscillator
  • Multimode Filter
  • 35 Knobs, 31 Buttons
  • SID pcb isolated from main pcb (less noise)
  • Switched audio input for running signals through the filter
  • 100 Presets
  • 3 LFOs: 4 waveforms, 12 target knobs
  • 16 Step Modulator: sequence up to 20 knob positions, per step in a snap! Also modulate Ring Mod, Sync and Waveform for all voices.
  • Pedal Glide: enable/disable glide with the sustain pedal
  • Compatible with free iPad app (pending app store approval)
  • Fully MIDI automated (see midi spec. chart in manual)
  • Future proof: Firmware updates via sysex

Here’s a demo of the TherapSid’s capabilities:

Here are official audio demos:

Pricing and Availability. Twisted Electrons’ TherapSid synth is available for €399.00 with 6581 SID chip, or €333.00 and you install your own SID chip. (TherapSid is compatible with all variations of the SID chip including 6581, 8550 (6582) & Swinsid and it is simple to install your own).  Specs and additional information at Twisted Electrons’ website.

20 thoughts on “Twisted Electrons’ Intros ‘Aggressive’ SID-based TherapSid Synth

  1. Nice Synth. Are they sure it’s aggressive enough. I think the youtube video above shows a lot more of what this little thing can do than the soundcloud demo. But I am not overly impressed.
    I really like the iPad app and it looks like it will add a lot of customization to the step mod.

  2. I ordered mine just yesterday…I love my AY3 from these cats too????…very excited about this synth, I own a sid station, but the lack of knobs and the million midi maps I need to get crazy with it, makes this a no brainier

  3. It looks good… but where is the Filter Envelope?

    The oscillator’s Amp Envelopes are part of the SID chip itself, but to achieve a filter envelope, you’ll have to make one in software (controlling SID’s onboard analog multimode filter)… I wonder why this was left out.

      1. yeh i noticed this yesterday as well.. put a little fly in the ointment for me, but im still pretty keen on this

        chip-only parameters is an interesting design philosophy but i think most would appreciate the inclusion of a simple software filter envelope inside the device, as all the other SID synths provide.. its not a difficult thing to do by any means

        1. also i wanted to mention that you could use a one-shot (non-looping) LFO as a really basic filter envelope.. not ideal but it might get the job done some of the time

  4. I’ve got the mssiah and love the sequencer mode, but it’s not a snap to fire it up and get right in there. These guys did a great job with the Sid app, but I’ve got a few chips lying around and prefer the real deal over emulation. Just might have to make room in the studio for this beast. Love the steril, almost robotic style of their presentation in the video. It really sells the simplicity of the user interface.

  5. wouaw !!! this little beast really looks terrible, I’m a big fan of sound chips sid but the problem and that I almost never play with my sammich sid is precisely because of all these sub menus and too many features for the size of the synthin addition this little monster is made at home in the South of France! I can finally use the other sid chips which i for him and use my sammich just for the battery, so cool! I have just liked to put at least a second sid chip, as in sammich sid, plus I have more chips that I kept to build another midibox but already has too much construction diy to do, then I ‘would buy it is upon, but just wish to had the opportunity to put in a second sid for stereo drone madness !!!! but good work !!! thanks 🙂

  6. Wow, this looks great. I agree this is pretty 1:1 with the chip implementation, but I’ll see what the software adds to this. I also have the ‘HyperSID’ board, but the software is PC only (and not very reliable) so I am very interested in this ‘standalone’ implementation.

    Just ordered mine!

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