Numark NV, Serato DJ Controller, Ships October 1

Featuring a performance of a hybrid dubstep treatment of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” Numark has a new video out for the NV, its intelligent controller for Serato DJ.

The Numark NV, which is being released October 1, features two 4.3-inch, high-resolution full color screens. The controller’s backlit performance screens provide “vivid, real-time visualization” of Serato DJ, complete with spinning Virtual Decks, effects (FX), Cue Points, waveforms and more.

Supporting four decks of control, its screens also provide song library navigation and detailed waveforms respective to each deck. These features allow the performer to manage set elements with the source laptop closed or out of sight without sacrificing functionality.

numark_nvNumark NV Highlights:

  • Intelligent Serato DJ controller with dual high-resolution screens
  • 4 decks of Serato DJ software control in a sleek, low-profile design
  • Screens provide 1:1 real-time feedback of Serato DJ
  • Dedicated hardware controls for “critical” software functions
  • Touch-activated knobs provide control of filters, EQ, and more
  • Dual 5-inch “hyper-responsive” metal platters with search and scratch modes
  • Adaptive learning platter technology for optimum response in any environment
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with backlit RGB feedback
  • 10 pad modes for hot cues, loops, song slicing, and sample triggering
  • Dedicated 3-way touch-activated filter knob on each channel
  • Dedicated touch-activated control of Serato’s 12 professional iZotope FX
  • Built-in professional 24-bit USB 2.0 audio interface
  • Zone/booth outputs and balanced XLR outputs for club use
  • Bundled with Serato DJ – no upgrade purchase required
  • Toolroom Records Remix Packs included (download)

As a Serato DJ controller, the NV requires that Serato DJ is running on a compatible computer. Numark NV supports Mac OS X 10.8 and higher, and Windows 7 and higher, and has a built-in professional USB 2.0 audio interface.

Pricing and Availability. Numark NV will be released in the October 1st, and is priced at $699.99/ £559.99. More information on the Numark website.

6 thoughts on “Numark NV, Serato DJ Controller, Ships October 1

  1. The interesting thing about this video is to watch how few controls he actually uses for this performance. It’s a sign that the control surface is over-engineered for the task.

  2. This music is a mess and it sounds horrible. Why couldn’t they have a reputable DJ doing something on here instead of this clown. Numark has clearly lost its relevance as a product developer……shame…..

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