Apollo Sound Injector Lets You Stream Audio, Wirelessly, Between iOS, Mac & Windows

Secret Base Design has debuted an app for iOS that lets you stream audio over WiFi from one iOS device to another, or even to a Mac or PC.

Apollo Sound Injector can sit in the input slot of Audiobus, and catches the streamed audio sent by Apollo Remote Recorder (Audiobus output slot).

Apollo_Sound_InjectorPatrick Madden of Secret Base Design says,

“The apps are iOS 8 compatible. This lets a user build a multi-device audio processing chain, among other things. There are also early versions of Sound Injector plug-ins for desktop DAWs (and AU for the Mac, a VST for the PC), which are on our web page.

Everyone will ask about latency — with my WiFi network, it’s looking to be around 60-80ms, which is high for playing live music, but might be fine for ambient synths, or for recording. The latency will depend on the local WiFi traffic, and I don’t want anyone thinking that latency will be zero (wired connections are still the way to go for playing fast parts live).”

Pricing and Availability

Apollo Sound Injector is available now as a free download via the iTunes app store.  (Other Secret Base Design apps are also available at a discounted price through the app store during the Sound Injector introduction.)  Beta versions of Apollo Sound Injector for use with your DAW (AU for OSX and VST for PC) are also available, along with additional information on the Apollo series of MIDI apps, from the Secret Base Design website.

If you give this a try, let us know your setup and how it works for you!

7 thoughts on “Apollo Sound Injector Lets You Stream Audio, Wirelessly, Between iOS, Mac & Windows

  1. Thanks very much for posting this! If anyone has questions, or runs into trouble, give me a shout and I’ll do my best to help out. The desktop DAW plug-ins are still in beta-stage; some DAW quirks will need to get sorted out, and I very much appreciate any info on what works or doesn’t work!

  2. @Camawok — if you can drop me a line ([email protected]), I’ll try to sort things out. Info on the DAW, machine, etc., will be a big help. Ableton seems to be the DAW most people are interested in, so I’m going to focus on getting that going (yay for free 30-day trials! I don’t see myself ever leaving Logic, so I’m reluctant to make a big investment in other DAWs).

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