Free Korg Electribe ER-1 Sample Library From Legowelt

korg-electribe-er-1-drum-machineDutch producer Legowelt (Danny Wolfers) has released a free sample library, featuring the 90’s-tastic virtual analog sounds of the Korg ER-1 drum machine.

The free sample library includes 150 .wav samples made with the Korg ER-1, including ‘Earthshaking Bass drums, crispy snares, audacious claps, sizzling hi hats, warbly FX + lots more!’

Here’s what Legowelt has to say about his free Korg Electribe ER-1 sample library:

“When I was in Japan last month I made a samplepack from my Korg ER1 drumsynthesizer in my hotelroom

The Korg ER1 is a “digital virtual analogue” drumsynthesizer from 1999. This is basically a drum machine with a special synthesizer to make your own drums ounds.
It has a XOX style sequencer and the classic cool late 90s Korg pweieieieieuuuu delay effect.”

It’s a free download, via the Legowelt site. Audio demos are available at the site.

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9 thoughts on “Free Korg Electribe ER-1 Sample Library From Legowelt

  1. The unit is generally fun to use.. Kind of oversimplified for live tweaking, though. The knobs are really touchy! The bass can be legendary.

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