9 Moog Werkstatt Synthesizer Mods

Earlier in the week, Moog Music announced that the Moog Werkstatt analog synthesizer is now shipping worldwide.

Moog also introduced a new portal for Werkstatt mods and a series of videos that demo nine Moog Werkstatt synthesizer mods. You can view the video playlist via the embed above.

The mods include:

  • Werkstatt Photo Sensitive Resistor
  • Werkstatt Pressure Sensitive Resistor
  • Werkstatt Volume Knob
  • Werkstatt Fine Tune
  • Werkstatt Pitch Bend
  • Werkstatt 2nd Oscillator
  • Werkstatt Arduino Noise Generator
  • Werkstatt Arduino Arpeggiator
  • Werkstatt LFO Quantizer

The Moog Werkstatt-01 synthesizer is available worldwide, with a US price of $329. A Moog Werkstatt Mod Kit, which contains parts for modding the Werkstatt, is also available, via Sparkfun, for $29.95.

9 thoughts on “9 Moog Werkstatt Synthesizer Mods

  1. just ordered one tonight. Really excited as not owned a moog for 30 years. I’ll get the werkstatt first before I look at mods. Still, great to know. 🙂

  2. Yep, I’ve taken the plunge too, my first ever Moog and probably my first ever venture into custom electronics; I will be getting the peripherals needed to try these mods, nothing else has inspired me to do so so far.

    A stunning and very seductive lure into the world of electronics… in theory at least! I will withhold full judgement until I’ve played with it, but so far this is looking like a very significant step forward in making this technology accessible to a wider audience. Good work Moog!

    1. sounds like you are talking to someone specifically rather than the entire world

      for example i think dbeams are awesome wherever they are

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