Moog Music Shipping Werkstatt Synth Worldwide, Launches ‘Werkstatt Workshop’ Learning Portal

Today Moog Music announced worldwide availability of its Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Moogfest 2014 Kit.

The patchable analog synth was originally only available to Engineering VIP ticket holders at Moogfest. There was substantial interest in a wider release for the Werkstatt at Synthtopia and elsewhere. Moog Music made a limited US release of the Werkstatt-01 this summer, followed up with a worldwide release today,

In the above demo video, Patrick ‘P-Thugg’ Gemayel, keyboard player for Atlantic Records’ band Chromeo, builds an improvisatory electro funk track using only the Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 and a simple drum pattern.

Werkstatt Audio Demos:

Moog Music also today launched the beta version of a learning portal, Werkstatt Workshop. The site contains project ideas, mod tutorials (like this one for making an arpeggiator/sequencer, below), parts lists, educational lesson plans, 3D printer files, Arduino integration and control and many other “dynamic resources” for Werkstatt owners.

The Werkstatt Workshop site also includes Moog Music’s “new and on-going” research surrounding the use of subtractive synthesizers in STEM and STEAM high-school classrooms. So far, there are nine free, open source, project-based tutorial videos on the site, with an invitation to makers to submit their own.

Pricing and Availability

The Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit is available and in stock at Moog Music dealers worldwide, with a suggested retail price of $329 US. Detailed product specs and additional information at the Moog Music website.

20 thoughts on “Moog Music Shipping Werkstatt Synth Worldwide, Launches ‘Werkstatt Workshop’ Learning Portal

  1. When did everyone decide that this stuff is TO expensive. Was there ever a time when synths were cheap??? I must have missed the days when you could get a moog synth for $50….or did this never happen.
    I suggest if you have problems with pricing stick to your monotron and volca!

    1. I’ve never heard anyone who’s built the Werkstat say it was too expensive – it seems like that’s coming from people that are comparing that to barebones DIY projects. This isn’t a barebones DIY project – but I’d like to see them do that.

      WIth synths, though, you generally get what you pay for,. There’s so much competition in the industry that that’s not much room for companies to arbitrarily jack up prices.

      If you look at the Volca’s, they sound nice but aren’t anywhere near ‘pro’ quality. They’re noisier, they’re all plastic, they’ve got fewer controls, etc.

      If you go up a notch to things like the Arturia Minibrute or Microbrute, you get way better build quality and control options. But they still have a fairly plastic feel.

      When you go up to Moog/DSI level, you get cases that are mostly metal and wood and both companies have track records of making synths that stand the test of time. They’ve made some duds, too, but in general, they are built to last.

      Beyond that, therea are all the boutique instrument makers that make high-end stuff. Most of them have fantastic build quality and are expensive. But you’re paying for a Cadillac and a niche product.

  2. Moog gear is expensive, i bought a voyager.
    It was a mistake and sold it on as the noise the backlit panel made and the lengthy menus pissed me off.
    I can afford music gear just picked up a strymon big sky. Just cause we think some gear is a extortionate doesnt mean we are stuck in the past or into v cheap gear.
    Dave smith instruments has left moog standing.
    Moogs label and marketing wont catch me out again.
    The budget end of the industry seems to be coming up with the goods.

    1. Couldn’t disagree with you more (though your perfectly entitled to your opinion) I had a little phatty. Quality build and a joy to play, very smooth interface and most importantly great sound quality in the studio and on stage. DSI create a very different brand of synthesizer, I own a tetra and like moog products it’s a quality instrument. My point is that these companies have to invest time and money into these products and the price tag will reflect this. I personally think that the new korg ranges, arturia ect are great but compare them to the moog voyager and you can see why there is a difference in the price. ‘if you can afford a pickup truck you can afford a synthesizer’ the old saying goes

      1. And other companies aren’t investing time and money?i own a few pieces of moog kit,have money,and still say this thing is overpriced for what it is. Also why compare volcas and brutes to a voyager?compare this werkstatt to a microbrute.make no mistake, this isn’t meant to be a piece of high end gear,its a budget,single oscillator synth they decided to try and sell after the excitement brought on by moogfest.imo they should’ve left it as something special they did only for moogfest and continue to do similar things in the future. This is something to grab in a few months from now off ebay when the flood of first time synth owners start dumping them,like they do with every new affordable synth that has come out.i managed to grab all three volcas for 250, brand new microbrute for 220, bass station 2 for 297, minibrute for 270 since it had a busted keybed but arturia sent me a replacement keybed for free. Also I have a tetra and have to say the price they sell for used makes them one of the best buys out there,fantastic sounding,ridiculously easy to program with the editor,etc for 400-500 bucks. Sorry about the rambling but I’m a gearslut and love talking about synths.

        1. I love that we can now get great affordable gear, but I’m a bit leery of products like the Korg Volca series because they’re made in Vietnam and aren’t the sturdiest machines. Moog stuff is built to last and the factory is in the USA.

          At the end of the day, American tech companies that actually make physical things are incredibly important. You can’t do much in the real world with tweets, instagram snaps or facebook posts.

          1. Korg volcas are 150 bucks retail, how much more build quality to you want from something like that? They’re more than sturdy enough for what they are. They aren’t serious pieces of kit,just like this werkstatt isn’t so there is no reason to try and draw build comparisons between toys and professional high quality synths that retail for over a grand

            1. Oooh I don’t know, compared to all the budget synths mentioned, to me this is a very serious bit of kit.

              Did you listen to the demo tracks? That is seriously good sound that does put all the ones listed into the shade.

              Did you watch the Arduino video? I’d love to hear what isn’t serious about a bit of kit that sounds like that and has that degree of flexibility – simply outstanding value for money.

              I also think that classing anything as a toy in this price range is a bit disingenuous and missing the point. People make fabulous music with sticks and stones, just as much as they make beautiful music with budget synths, and yes, they even make great music with high end kit.

              You’re kidding yourself if you think you can’t make great music because you haven’t got this or that bit of kit or your kit is just a ‘toy’ and not serious.

  3. You guys should check out the workshop videos before deciding if it’s expensive or not (hint: it’s not). The LFO as second VCO is brilliant and there’s tons of other neat stuff, all with a nice ladder filter and a really nice mod matrix. Actually I’m going to say it’s a bargain.

  4. I have number 225. And the size of this thing is small but the sound is huge. I have mine CV to my sub phatty and going to the filter. If there is a synth for this cheap that sounds as good,then post a link. 330 for a Moog thats a deal to me.

  5. Compare pricing of a Sequential Prophet V or any other used or new analog synthesizer. The Werkstatt-01 is a bargain for anyone wanting to learn how an analog synth works, and they get a very playable unit afterwards.

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