Arturia & Bitwig Announce Producer Pack Hardware + Software Bundles

arturia-producer-packArturia and Bitwig have teamed up, announcing three Producer Pack bundles, that combine an Arturia KeyLab keyboard controller, the Analog Lab sound collection software suite, Mini V and Bitwig Studio, for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. 

Here’s the official intro video:

In the following video, Arturia’s Glen Darcey discusses the integration between KeyLab and Bitwig Studio:

Three versions of the Producer Pack bundle are available for purchase:

  • Producer Pack 25 is based around the KeyLab 25, the smallest keyboard controller in Arturia’s KeyLab range, featuring 25 keys with velocity sensitivity, complimented by a panel with controls compatible with third-party software and hardware alike;
  • Producer Pack 49 and Producer Pack 61 come complete with the larger KeyLab 49 and KeyLab 61, respectively, offer keyboards boasting both aftertouch and velocity sensitivity.


  • Each package includes Bitwig Studio for Mac OS X, Windows & Linux.
  • 10 encoders, two banks of 9 faders, 10 assignable switches and 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads (except KeyLab 25),
  • Analog Lab software synthesizer, boasting a huge library of over 5,000 presets, taken Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, ARP2600 V, Jupiter-8V, Prophet 5, Prophet VS, and Oberheim SEM V soft synths, as well as VOX Continental-V and the Wurlitzer V software.
  • Mini V is a recreation of the classic 1971 R.A. Moog Minimoog synthesizer, one of most iconic synthesizers of all time.
  • All software is premapped to the KeyLab controllers.

Pricing and Availability:

The Producer Pack bundles are available now, with the following prices:

  • Producer Pack 25 (€349 EUR/$349 USD)
  • Producer Pack 49 (€399 EUR/$399 USD), and
  • Producer Pack 61 (€499 EUR/$499 USD)

59 thoughts on “Arturia & Bitwig Announce Producer Pack Hardware + Software Bundles

  1. I’m a bit confused on the pricing – when I look at Bitwig Studio’s online store, Bitwig Studio by itself costs $399. But this Producer Pack which has an Arturia KeyLab plus Bitwig Studio starts at $349? I’m missing something….

      1. Yeah, fire that bastard for creating a wonderful offer that gets us a wicked controller with Bitwig for practically nothing! I want to pay more too!

    1. This is the proof that Bitwig might be biting the dust. Nobody in the industry would do something like this unless they are in trouble. In general, OEM deals bundle feature-limited software like LE versions, but they are just giving away the full version for free. Incredibly stupid move. How would you feel if you just bought the software at $399 to be a beta tester and solve Bitwig’s financial problems to later find out about this deal?

      1. …really?

        I remember when people said that about Ableton, which was a toy compared to what Bitwig is from the start. A software company already forging partnerships with hardware companies while still in 1.0, operating on three platforms, and the solo offering in one of them.

        Bitwig has a future fo’ sho.

        You might want to reconsider your bets 😉

          1. Seriously I’m testing 1.1 now. It’s the business.
            I bet coming soon is very soon because this shit doesn’t crash at all.
            I’m on Windows tho – maybe mac / linux is different.

              1. No joke, Bitwig is the most stable music application I’ve used, and I’m coming from Logic. The only problem I see is a few missing features, but Bitwig is sending me updates all the time, and everyday this software gets better.

                If I didn’t already have the software, I’d get this package. I don’t know much about Arturia, but Bitwig alone is great. Having a nice keyboard to go along with it is a bonus.

      2. I see Native Instruments do this EVERY time they release new hardware. Want to know when the next Machine is coming out, just wait for the current one to go on sale for 50% off. I bet ya the time for Bitwig 2.0 is nigh — paid upgrade of course.

    2. LOL, now I know Bitwig is not selling and desperately needs to distribute some copies even though they cannibalize themselves and their users. Glad to know that so I can put my money somewhere else.

    3. It’s called penetrating the market. Notice how this a “limited offer, while supplies last.”

      Smart move, I’d say. Both companies certainly got our attention, and Bitwig seems to work better with Arturia hardware than Arturia’s software does – nice one for anyone who already owns a KeyLab.

      Bitwig will definitely be around for a while… this is still the beginning, as in, they’re less than 6 months old and being compared to the big guys already.

      Dudes were crazy to break from Ableton to begin with, but it looks like it turned out better to have your own plan than be part of someone else’s.

      Risky business. Nothing new for Bitwig. I hope they win in the end.

      1. They should have released for half of the actual price, THAT’s penetrating the market. Even more when they knew they were releasing a half-backed beta (which still is). Now they are forced to give away their butts. I just heard they are selling only 3 versions per month (LOL) via Thomann, the biggest online retailer in Europe. These guys did it all wrong.

        1. I heard Thomann shares their sales numbers with everyone so they can spread the word on forums and sell less stuff. Standard practice, makes total sense. 😛

    1. That’s what I’m wondering – this package/pricing only makes sense if it’s some limited version of Bitwig Studio (Bitwig Studio’s full version by itself costs $399, and a KeyLab 25 costs $249 – so how does it make sense to bundle them together for only $349 total?). But you’d think they’d say something about it being limited in some way.

    1. If it’s a full version of Bitwig Studio, the pricing completely baffles me. Why would anyone buy Bitwig Studio by itself for $399 from Bitwig’s own online store if they can get it PLUS a $249 KeyLab 25 for $50 less?

      1. I can’t believe what I am seeing here… it’s a friggin’ promotion!! Companies do it all the time. I just hope they don’t run out soon cause I’ve been drooling over the keylab 61 for months, and now it comes with BITWIG. Uh, yeah, I’ll take it!!

        To the simpletons who’d rather not get a deal… your logic makes no sense.
        Get this shit while you can because it obviously won’t last forever.

        (arturia, bitwig, save one for me!!!)

          1. Yeah, sure, that’s why they are giving away their product for free. I don’t know where you get that from, but you just need to take a look at their forum. Is as dead as it can be.

            1. Nial is right according to Thomann and they’d know better than anyone.
              Fastest growing music software company is in fact Bitwig.
              Good for them. I don’t need a new keyboard though 😛

      1. no shipping to my cold wasteland of the north. 🙁 thanks tho!
        time to call the local music store.
        not that moog music is a bad store. love that place…!

  2. not a fan having owned the 61 key version, the keys are sh1te being made of very thin plastic with metal bits glued underneath to add weight (they are as crap as they sound), keys were slightly bent after only and hour of playing – check out forums re: build quality on these before buying as I also couldn’t get pads to work properly without loads of random double hits. Sounds are decent enough but nothing maps when using it as a VST which is also a massive ball ache – i’d steer clear personally.

    1. indeed but I just cant recommend this or suggest its good value for money because of the build issues and the fact the integration isn’t seamless on the VST side of things. By the full synths and get a decent controller, you’ll be much happier.

  3. Bitwig is still so new, its in a shakedown-cruise mode. It has several impressive things going for it, but it cries out for a v.2. If I was brand-new at DAWs, I’d go for something more matured. A DAW is a big commitment you have to live with for some time. This needs some tweaks, like a couple of lighter-colored skins to combat that cinder-block look, but the bundled instruments give good symmetry. If you are a little more new to all this, remember that any DAW will strain your brain until you get used to the basics. Read this review and you’ll be able to make a better decision.

  4. Producer Pack 61 is $500
    this is not HI END .. but more than enough to get the job done

    very used full tools for someone who is getting into music production

  5. It’s called penetrating the market. Notice how this a “limited offer, while supplies last.”

    Smart move, I’d say. Both companies certainly got our attention, and Bitwig seems to work better with Arturia hardware than Aturia’s software does.

    Bitwig will be around for a while… this is only the beginning, as in, they’re less than 6 months old and being compared to the big guys already.

    They were crazy to break from Ableton to begin with, but it looks like it is better to have your own plan than have someone else’s. I hate Ableton anyway, so I hope Bitwig will win.

  6. Arturia are a amazing company , i dont understand why they go wrong in the ” easy ” part of the bussiness
    You see now this integration with bitwig ok … ok . Why they didnt this to every Major Daw in the market ?
    I mean ableton , LOgic , Cubase ..etc … Why ? if every Midi (premium ) keyboard in the market have this…no sense man , now they did to Bitwig …. Image you , how the customers of keylab ( old buyers )wich use Ableton or cubase …. gonna feel ? Angry man …..
    I have the V – colletion and Analog Lab i love it amazing sounds … and yes i have a lot of issues with installation ….
    Arturia do right making amazing softs and stuff … but do wrong in the ” easy ” part of the bussines ( install, suport…)

    1. Their support and integration suck.. No update to the Lab since 2012, and the VST issues still exist. Yet they release new controllers and software, and don’t fix the legacy buyers.

      I love their hardware, just wish they’d fix the software bugs rather than moving not the next shiny thing.

      1. Yes , and still dont understand why so many issues …
        If you t watch interviews with great producers , how many people use Arturia Vsts …. because they sound great …. even RObert Moog himself said in one interview in 2006 ” i Allowed Arturia (Mini Moog Emulation ) because they make great softs … ”
        Its a shame for a Company like Arturia have so good developers for sounds and have a poor “Technical ” team .
        I had broght puglins for many major companys of market like U-he , Native instruments, Sugar bytes ..etc ,and all work beautifull … no crashs , easy install and registration…i still dont get it why Arturia do this…
        and how you said … they complete forget old costumers ….

    2. that’s probably because bitwig has a much better control script api than other daws, and maybe they made the integration for the keylab themselves, not arturia.

      you should see what they did with push. I use it for both bitwig and ableton, but it’s amazing how well it works in bitwig.

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