Charity Auction 2014 Raising Money For Save The Children

charity-diploma2013KVR’s Charity Auction 2014 is now underway.

The Auction, organized by Luftrum’s Soren Hybel, is an annual effort to raise funds for Save the Children’s Emergency Fund. Audio software and hardware developers have donated a wide variety of items for the auction.

Last year, the Auction raised $20.924. This year’s target is $25,000.

All auctions end on 11:59:59 PM on October 31st Central European Time (CET). When the Auction end, the funds raised will be given to Save The Children.

You can check out the auction items at the KVR site.

via Richard Walshe, Soren Hybel

3 thoughts on “Charity Auction 2014 Raising Money For Save The Children

  1. Yes and at the moment we got hardware donations by Dave Smith for instance, donating a Mopho SE Analog Hardware Synth, we got SKnote donating an Ave (Analog Vocal Enhancer) double 500 module.

    For the software we got donations and bundles from companies like D16, Camel Audio, Propellerhead, Image-Line, Sonokinetic, Cableguys, U-He, Linplug, Fabfilter, Audio Damage, FXpansion, Synapse Audio, Cockos, LennarDigital, Voxengo, Sonic Charge, Applied Acoustics and Eduardo Tarilonte just to name a few of the over 60 developers donating to the cause…

    Place your bids and grab a bargain, all for a good cause!

  2. Good to see. My parents both worked for Save when I was a kid; moved all over Africa with them during their careers at Save and then UNICEF. Great NGOs.

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