Arturia MicroBrute SE Limited Edition Analog Synthesizer Now Available


Arturia announced today that the MicroBrute SE Limited Edition analog synthesizer – a new production run of the MicroBrute SE in three new colors – is now available.

The MicroBrute SE expands the sonic possibilities of the original MicroBrute SE thanks to the addition of stackable jack cables. This lets you send a single signal to multiple destinations. The new versions also come with a gig bag.

Arturia has created three new variations of the MicroBrute SE, in White, Yellow and Blue:

Here’s the official intro video:

For a more technical introduction, check out this video, which features Glen Darcey and Yves Usson discussing the MicroBrute in detail:

The best thing about the MicroBrute SE may be it’s price – it’s starting to show up at retailers, with a street price of US $329. The SE model includes messenger-style gig bag and 4 stackable jack cables. The standard MicroBrute now has a street price of $300.

For details on the MicroBrute SE, see the Arturia site.

If you’ve used the MicroBrute SE, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

35 thoughts on “Arturia MicroBrute SE Limited Edition Analog Synthesizer Now Available

        1. How about extra, brighter colours, rather than pastels. I want bright red, or ultraviolet, or ‘screaming orange’, or how about ‘toxic green’.

          1. How can you house a synth with Brute in its name in pastels?? What, is it a stocking stuffer for your elderly auntie? Pastels are for wussies. Make it neon, metal-flake or $#@! you! 😛

            1. Hmm.. could they do ‘chroma flare’ – like some cars have – where the synth changes colour depending on what angle you look at it? Obviously would boost the price, but such a synth would look completely outrageous.

            2. I did some intensive research and discovered that they still make this synth in black….complete revelation!!!

              So there you go if your not a fan of the new colours.

              1. I’ll take mine in a matte “ashy hobo” complete with knife wounds and a “freshly urinated-on” scent. Also, I hope the gig bag is just a picnic blanket and a rotting stick.

    1. It’s actually that the normal one got cheaper, I paid $330 for it two weeks ago. I really like the yellow, plus the patch leads look like they’ve been improved to have extensions, I also like the bag.

  1. is the price really the best thing? the standard microbrute is street $250 or so and it actually looks like it goes with my other gear.

    1. Both versions are pretty inexpensive for what you get – it’s an analog synth, it’s got three filter options, it’s got CV/Gate control, it’s got a step sequencer, it’s semi-modular – all in all a pretty cool synth for the money.

  2. Just bought a Minibrute in Tokyo for $320 AUD – Ake Note in the Ginza had it and it was their last one, so they dropped the price. Nice…given they are retailing in Oz for $650. Now, glad I did not get the original Microbrute – I’ll wait and get a Microbrute SE when I get home.

      1. Yep thought about getting a micro to match the Minibrute, but glad I did not as I’ll get one of these instead even if they are in pastels. I got a set of Korg Volcas instead.

  3. I’d love it to be a 2 VCO analog but what it already does is take the sub to fifths, pretty clever trick. The VCO section is way sophisticated compared to any analog, at any price. Also the filter is just awesome, I think it’s the best bang-for-buck analog out there, almost an impulse buy with all that CV connectivity. On the other hand it tends to be aggressive, clipping easily on the mixer section. It’s hard to tame it, specially without FX processing. Here’s one for Arturia: an expander with a extra VCO, LFO and EG. Would buy that in a heartbeat.

    1. I agree, I think an expander is the obvious next choice for Arturia. The talk of a poly is quite a leap, but an expander is a no brainer. It could pair with the Mini or the Micro, making for a really interesting 2 Osc mono synth.

      1. That’s the great thing about this synth, they don’t even need to make an expander (as much as I would like to see one to), get some euro gear and ou can insert anything into the signal path with the patch bay.

  4. I am a fan of what they have done with this keyboard. It really does a lot in a small package, with a small price. They will inevitably (I think) make an other synth with more keys and stuff on the front panel. Something that takes this basic design and extends it. I think they could extend this same design out to a 5 or 6 voice polysynth with one oscillator per voice and still keep it around 1,000 bucks.

    However, I am convinced that is not yellow.

  5. I might go with the white….if i was desperate to buy one and black wasnt in stock. The yellow and blue are vile. If arturia are catering for women….great. Unfortunately a majority of people into synths (especially where cv is involved) are men.

    1. Wow!! Get over yourself, they is so much sexism built into your comment that I could spend a good hour picking apart everything you just said. But I’ll just say this, move out of the 1950s we’ve come a long way since then

    2. Wow!! Get over yourself, they is so much ignorance built into your comment that I could spend a good hour picking apart everything you just said. But I’ll just say this, move out of the 1950s we’ve come a long way since then

  6. Is it possible to use stackcables on the normal black microbrute?
    Or is this only functioning with the special edition??

  7. Personally I’m loving the pastels! Bumped me up from a “I really want that” to “I need that in my life!” shallow I know. Also who doesn’t like a limited edition – don’t we all just want something just a little more special. I have one on order – very excited to get messing with that CV goodness.

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