GarageBand Updated For Yosemite, Brings Back AU Control


Apple quietly rolled out an update to GarageBand for OS X, earlier this week, that adds support for OS X Yosemite and brings back control over audio effect plugins.

GarageBand 10 is seen by many as an improvement in usability, but a major step backwards in functionality from the previous version. The update restores some functionality, but many may still prefer the earlier version. 

Here’s what’s new in GarageBand 10.0.3:

  • Adds support for OS X Yosemite
  • Access audio effect plug-ins for more detailed control over the sound of your tracks
  • Build your own bass rig with Bass Amp Designer using vintage and modern amps, cabinets, and mics
  • New Voice Template for fast and easy vocal recordings
  • Share GarageBand projects with Mail Drop
  • Vertical zoom automatically adjusts the height of your tracks
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility

GarageBand is available for $4.99 in the App Store.

29 thoughts on “GarageBand Updated For Yosemite, Brings Back AU Control

  1. So Apple giveth…but what did they taketh away? As an avid Garageband user, should I finally grab Logic Pro X? Understand that I am a musical novice with no training and a good ear for music is all that separates me from the great unwashed masses. 🙂

    1. I’d say unless there is some specific feature you are really wanting from Logic Pro; GarageBand will give you plenty of tools to make music.

      Logic will get you a great selection of software instruments. It will let you do more deep editing, and it will allow you to do more adventurous things with more rhythmic complexity, etc.

      But there are always ways to make Garageband do very sophisticated things (you can trick it pretty easily). The downside is that Garageband has a stronger influence on the work you make.

      1. Try not to pay ANY attention to the dislikes. They can at times (like this) be meaningless. You just never know what will set someone off. Sometimes it is is understandable. Sometimes it is just mischief. You’re ok.

      2. Dude, half the dislikes were probably just from Apple haters. The guys trying to make music on the gaming PC their mom bought them when they graduated junior high are always quick on the dislike button. The other half probably just think you’re being too stingy considering Logic is the best DAW despite only costing as much as a decent plugin. Unless you’re in some kind of really hard financial times right now just get Logic, In fact, LPX is designed with that “hide advanced features” interface mode for people like you who want some more power but don’t want to get overwhelmed by all the crazy details. Try it out.

          1. I post a video of Steve Jobs getting booed by hardcore Apple users and you call this a personal attack? This is both wrong and stupid.

            1. It is forbidden to say anything remotely considered insulting to Apple users. However, you may insult PC users in any ways possible I never deleetee any of those. Thank you.

          2. It is forbidden to say anything remotely considered insulting to Apple users. However, you may insult PC users in any ways possible I never deleetee any of those. Thank you.

  2. One thing I like now, after I updated to yosemite and the new garageband, the logic remote app works, instead of going round in a connection loop.

    1. Haven’t done extensive testing yet as I’ve set up a dual boot so I don’t rely on yosemite, I still mainly use snowy for audio work. So far everything that worked on mavericks works on yosemite, noticed a few glitches, set my desktop to dark mode, when I load garageband there is a slight change of colour onscreen, goes more blue.

      Noticed my recovery partition is gone from when I switching between different versions of osx, my plugs still work, haven’t updated any, but don’t have them all installed in yosemite. Even kore 2 worked, as did the rest of the N.I stuff. Garageband seems a little slower in general use, so maybe doing a few shutdown cycles might settle down the os.

      The save as option is back, by default, finnally got logic remote to work first time, yosemite seems quite solid, although if mavericks is your main os, maybe wait a few point releases. All my projects loaded up in GB fine, it did hang on the beachball when I first run GB after updating it and osx, but after has loaded without issue. I like yosemite overall, took me a while to get used to the font, had to change the folders as they were too bright and a few icons as well. Love dark mode, getting used to full screen being on the green traffic light and going out of full screen being on the left instead of right.

    2. You get a ton of new effects and mastering plugins, probably carried over form Logic but with a simplified (and less powerful) interface.

  3. If you are reading the Synthtopia blog, then i say absolutely upgrade to Logic. It will be the best $200 you ever spent. I also am a dabbler. (In a Matrixsynth poll a few years ago, the majority of the respondents confessed that they spend most of their time making sound not music. In other words, dabblers rule.) Just the built-in instruments in Logic alone are worth far more than the price of the program.

  4. A little OT: The reports from early adopters of Yosemite are mixed. Mostly seems like it is running pretty smoothly. A few reports of issues involving needing to re-install the OS after the first attempt. I’m going to wait a little while on this until I know what beloved functions I’ll lose. I’ll also use Carbon Copy Clone to make a full back up of the old system before updating. In case I need to revert.

    1. I love Yosemite but it’s not like there are any major killer features. For me the only new thing I’m really into is the new notification center which now shows the stuff from the drop down on the iOS lock screen. Still the new flat style with the translucent panels is so pleasant to work on. Now it’s making me considering getting that Reason 8 upgrade after all.

  5. off topic but, if you use RME, don’t upgrade to Yosemite just yet, or try it experimentally on a spare partition, the USB based RME interfaces are failing and stuttering on Yosemite, despite the usual RME staff hubris.

    1. I use a firewire RME, but will hold off on updating to Yosemite until I get a better understanding of the kext signing and Trim Enabler. I expect there are just a few more work-around steps for some users to have a smooth transition.

  6. I haven’t had any issues so far but I’ve heard reports of people having trouble downloading the additional loops pack after the Yosemite update. Anyone else having issues with this?

  7. Am I crazy or did this update completely remove AUMatrix Reverb? Did they also just change the Audio Units section to “Plug-Ins” and bloat each new track’s Audio Effects window with a untoggled Compressor and Channel EQ?

    Why do I feel like I have to keep relearning something I mostly use because I (used to) know it like the back of my hand? Also, is it possible to reinstall the previous version? This really messed up some tracks I am currently working on and the update was accidental.

  8. in the old ver of GB I could mark a spot on the track with a “P” however with the new ver of GB the “P” brings up the piano. can anyone tell me how to mark a section off so i can easily come back to it and extract that section at a later date?

  9. Hi, I usually use Garageband 6.0.5 and just got Yosemite on my computer, but now my M-Audio don’t work anymore. What audio interface can I buy thats compatible with what I got. I need a interface thats cheap, but clean and quiet. Any ideas?

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