Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer Review

In this video, author Mark Jenkins (Analog Synthesizers) takes a look at the new Moog Sub 37 Paraphonic Synthesizer

Key Features:

  • Perform in Monophonic or Duo-Paraphonic modes
  • 37 note velocity sensitive keyboard w/ after touch
  • 2 modulation busses w/ assignable source and destinations
  • DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) looping envelopes with sync
  • 256 Presets -16 banks of 16 patches
  • Standalone and DAW Plugin editor included
  • Syncable Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer
  • Classic Moog Ladder Filter with resonance, MultiDrive, and selectable filter slopes.

The Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition is priced at $1,579. See the Moog Music site for more info.

via Mark Jenkins

14 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer Review

    1. Well, it’s a reasonable bet that they will retain their value. It’s very likely you could sell it in a few years and make a few dollars off it.

      I don’t envision ever selling mine, though. It’s such an awesome synth.

      1. Are there other modern Moog synths that have held or gone up in value? Is the Tribute Edition of the Little Phatty now worth more than it’s new price?

  1. I love this synth. So freskin tweaksble with all those knobs n buttons. It can do smooth and buttery or rough and gritty. Amazing beast of a machine 🙂

  2. I’ve never owned any Moog gear and was all set to have my head blown off and want to pick one of these up straight away…but the sounds in this review are bloody awful. I hope it’s just the way it’s been recorded. Very nice looking synth though.

  3. I have serial number 13 of this ……. I love all kinds of music, I love keyboards and I love this synth.
    LOL>..even with that, I am primarily a guitarist, but I’ve got some people together and started up a home studio with them
    I’ve only recently started learning keyboards…one note at a time is currently perfectly fine with me “for now’!!…

    This Moog 37synth is the best music investment I have ever made.

    first off, it sounds great…forget the video…it does sound awful!! but one thing he points out is how versatile the sounds are…the sound is just crystal clear or as muddy as you could possibly want…and you just have to hear it for yourself over some good monitors how fricking smooth these filters are….

    you will never run out of sounds.. I sounds great is a triumph of design… I was delighted with the sounds I can easily come up with
    … is hugely intuitive to use…

    even tho latching filter envelopes is still mystifying and intimidating to me… its easy to try it, hear what it sounds like and feel like you can “play the latch”…..its very intuitive to listen to and play to it…
    Even though their are filters and knobs all over this thing…..the learning curve is not steep, I guess because its laid out so clearly

    they have thought through very carefully what features to let us play right on the front of the synth… its been so much fun to learn….

    my pro keyboardist came by a couple times and told me that she was very impressed. She felt that it was very powerful, but immediately playable.. within a half hour she was saying “hey can you record this?”…. that’s what its all about!!

    third …..two notes!!!! Like I said, I love a mono synth(also have a mopho) but the amount of new sounds you get out of having the ability to pitch two notes is really a game changer for mono synths …

    there are three ways to play the paraphony, and just push some buttons and you will immediately feel at home…its very well thought out…one effect I like is to let the lower pitch drone while you play the higher pitch…

    also the sequencer is very easy to use…its simple but very effective how you can just hit record, play a bit and there is your sequence…

    Do not miss this synth…sorry if i’m gushing!…. its just the way I feel..

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