Multi Format Sync & Clock Box (Sneak Preview)

This is a sneak preview of the new E-RM Erfindungsbüro Multi-format Sync & Clock solution.

As more musicians get into modular and modern analog synths, more are having to deal with the challenges of keeping everything synced. The new E-RM box will support MIDI, DIN, modular clock, USB MIDI and more.


  • 4 ultra precise channels, derived from DAW audio clock, MIDI or DIN Sync, all separately shiftable and swingable in real time
  • Hot-Plug support for MIDI, DIN, Modular Clock & Analog LFO
  • Built in MIDI Matrix to dynamically map & merge MIDI channels and events
  • Unused channels can be used as a MIDI controller
  • 5 channel MIDI USB support optionally available

Pricing and availability are to be announced. Info to come at the E-RM site.

via CDM

8 thoughts on “Multi Format Sync & Clock Box (Sneak Preview)

  1. Wow. I also hope this is priced more competitively than the likes of Innerclock. Been beating around the bush about a sync gen for about a year now. Looks like I’ll be holding off a bit longer to keep an eye on this

  2. Statements like ‘remove clock jitter’ are flat lies. It might imbrove things, but the truth is that any clock has jitter, just as no frequency signal can have an infinitely narrow spectrum. Even atomic clocks have it. It might be in zeptoseconds and only measurable over decades, but it’s there. I would hope that a serious manufacturer would not be coy about the numbers.

  3. I think it is the midi jitter from the computer midi that you want to stop not audio jitter. hence why they use an audio source from the computer instead of midi. looks interesting, I have a sync gen for a long time now and the price was no issue when you hear the results.

    1. My issue isn’t with the product, there are a lot of things that can go very wrong in the long chain from a DAW to an external device, I’m sure this could improve things for many people. However, these companies make things worse when they release marketing information that is simply untrue. Telling me that a product will ‘remove’ my clock jitter is the same thing to me as saying I don’t have to record at 44.1kHz because some new magic interface will let me record at an ‘infinite’ sample rate. nonsense.

      1. I can understand where your coming from. Its like the MOTU folks who falsely claim their Midi interfaces provide sample accurate Midi, very annoying if you bought one believing the spiel! I did not but would be very frustrated had I done so, and easily could have. Having said that, this does look like a truly useful bit of kit and have high hopes regarding its functionality,

  4. I get it, I really do and this looks like a great solution, also interested in pricing.

    But I spend half my time starting and stopping things manually, even though I have a perfectly functional setup midi. I’m not sure why, I just like it I guess…

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