MIDI Over Bluetooth With Yosemite, iOS 8 & Ableton Live

When major system upgrades are released – like the recent OS X and iOS updates – many musicians like to wait a few months before upgrading, to avoid compatibility issues.

And then there’s guys like Colin Swinney of The Sound Test Room, who’s exploring the new MIDI over Bluetooth available with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

In the video above, he demonstrates using Ableton Live to wirelessly (over Bluetooth LE) sequence Caramel running on his iPad.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

Our demonstration uses the recently updated Caramel, by Holderness Media, one of the first developers to adopt this new feature in their apps.

First I show you how to make the connections, followed by a run down of how to set this up inside of Ableton Live to automate our effects.

Other app links: AudioShare, AudioBus, Apollo

If you’re an early-adopter and are trying out the updated OS’s, let us know about your experience and whether you’ve experimented with MIDI over Bluetooth.

8 thoughts on “MIDI Over Bluetooth With Yosemite, iOS 8 & Ableton Live

  1. It does require Yosemite and a current-enough Mac that has Bluetooth 4.0, which alas, my late 2010 MacBook Pro doesn’t…but between my iPad Air and my iPhone 6 Plus, it works a charm!

  2. This upgrade was actually much less disruptive than Mavericks last year. Apple seems to have their upgrade process down. I upgraded 1 week after Yosemite came out and everything works. Ableton, Logic, and even My Virus TI2 Snow works great with the beta drivers. The only thing that broke was McAfee Endpoint Protection (needed an update), but that is crappy corporate Antivirus software and is expected.

    Does anyone know what type of latency to expect from bluetooth MIDI? Can we hope for something that would let us play iPad virtual synths live and get decent response time?

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