Pomplamoose – The Internet Is Awesome

Pomplamoose (Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn) does a live studio performance of The Internet Is Awesome.

“If you’re one in a thousand, then on the internet, there are two and a half million people who identify with the things you love.”

Technical details:

Live performance, using a Launchpad, Impulse midi controller, and Ableton Live. Filmed in one take, start to finish. No overdubbing or lip syncing.

This song on iTunes.


Antiquity, The Middle Ages, The renaissance The Industrial Revolution, The Internet.

It’s strange to think that we don’t even really know when it started.
But it used to fit on a single computer.

And now we have no idea how big it is.

We do know that there are over 4 billion pages live on the internet,
Almost a million apps downloaded every hour,
About 250 billion emails sent every day,
And that 1 in 6 marriages occurs because the couple met online.


The internet is awesome.

Before the internet, ordinary people could only publish their ideas and creations if they went through a gatekeeper.

The internet allows for subcultures to form and expand.
If you’re one in a thousand then on the internet there are two and a half million people who identify with the things you love.

27 thoughts on “Pomplamoose – The Internet Is Awesome

    1. Yeah, I was thinking this “live” performance would be seriously diminished if Mac left the band – just a uninformative talking monologue embellished with whooshes. Mac seems to be doing all the heavy hauling here.

    1. “Before the internet, ordinary people could only publish their ideas and creations if they went through a gatekeeper.”

      Man, I miss the gatekeeper days. There was more signal and less noise.

      1. It is more than a little conspicuous that Pomplamoose must go through YouTube/Google (which is an admittedly lenient gate-keeper). You never know what ads they will push with the content artists give them for free.

    2. Dismiss them as hipsters, but these guys can run circles around 99% of the wannabes on YouTube that buy the gear but never take the time to learn how to use it.

    3. Well, the internet is awesome. Maybe you can use some of it to research new vocabulary via a thesaurus rather than kvetching about someone else’s performance that probably contains much more talent than your own…

  1. Smug faced, highly calculated pseudo-twee pandering to the moronic internet self-styled ‘geek’ generation in a desperate attempt to be ‘liked’ by them. Vomit.

    1. Yes, the same smug-faced types I have to avoid colliding with in the street because they can`t take their eyes of their phones, pads etc. They used to call the 80`s the ¨Me Generation¨…I can`t even think of how to describe this generation in only 2 words!
      Maybe one day, a megavirus will bring it all to a grinding halt…They won`t know what to do with themselves.

  2. I don’t think it’s especially brilliant but I don’t get the massive hate for this piece. I think it sounds good! Cool idea!

  3. My usual cup of coffee and Synthopia when I wake up… so I have to add some of my spice to the sauce here.
    It was ok… these guys are doing a great job in marketing their music so thumbs up for that.

    The irony here, are those using the internet to complain about it! … if I may, my advice would be to skip what you dislike and instead just turn your synths on to create your own music (which you can then in return share on the net!).

    The internet is a tool and it merely depends on what each individual does with it. I remember when people said synths aren’t real instruments where here again, it really depends on how you use such an instrument.
    I choose to spend more time in the real world but check news and emails a couple times a day and have my website to display my work. It is my subjective way of using this tool. I have no interest in using What’s App for example. But is this maybe because I am part of an “older” generation who grew up with land-lines and hardware equipment?

    1. This generation are good at multitasking, they can produce and dislike things at the same time. You need to absorb as much as you can to be as creative as you can, you can’t do a hip-hop Cuban fusion if you never found out about either genre and the principles of a fusion – so you need to go out seeking influence. And how do you skip what they dislike, they get spoon fed it at a site, so they give it a try, then feel like they got conned and wasted time, so they dislike. All comment is good – and synthtopia would be a ghost town tomorrow if we all took the advice of producing when we should be engaging in content. Education, community and marketing are all important parts of good music production. And how would others know not to trend this path if nobody commented, ‘is this what people like? Apparently not.

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