Auxy Offers ‘Beat Making Without Distraction’

Auxy is a new app for iPad that the developers say is designed for ‘beat making without distraction’.

This is similar in concept to simple beatmaking apps like Figure, but Auxy offers a more traditional grid sequencing interface.

”Creating modern music should be more about music and less about technology” says Henrik Lenberg, co­-founder and CEO of Auxy. “A lot of people would love to make modern music but feel it’s too complicated to get started. Our app removes technical barriers to give everyone a better experience.”

Here’s a video intro:

Auxy is a free download from free from the App Store.

If you’ve used Auxy, let us know what you think of it!

18 thoughts on “Auxy Offers ‘Beat Making Without Distraction’

  1. this is pretty cool, can it send midi out by chance? this would be a fun interface for controlling external gear, and if those virtual knobs could send cc out oh man that’d be ill!

  2. It doesn’t send MIDI, afaik. Hopefully the dev is testing the waters, and a few features like MIDI out and MIDI export will be added down the road.

  3. btw, if we all agree on the same features we want to see in apps, we should message the developers, a lot of them listen

    full midi is very important, not only midi out and in, but the ability to set channels and filter different messages

  4. If that thing can sequence MIDI gear it’s worth buying an iPad just to run it… dude it could be the master sequencer for a whole live rig

  5. I think adding a bunch of features turns something that is meant for simplicity into something complex. Kind of defeats the point of the app.

    What is it with music technologists wanting every little thing to have every single feature?

    “I would totally use that trumpet if it also had a trombone slide!”


    1. Well, if you’re like me, who literally only bought an ipad to sequence hardware via midi, that one feature is kiiiiiiiiiinda the only thing that would even make me use a free app. And a 30+ year old data transmission standard is hardly complex.

      1. Could I ask what you’re sequencing with? I use my iPad as a synth module (Nave alone is worth the cost of entry), but am looking real hard at using it as a sequencer alongside an MPC. Little MIDI Machine is great fun, but I’d really like a minimal piano-roll style interface.

        1. You should try Genome or Thesys. Genome is probably more of what you’re looking for without as many bells and whistles

  6. Id like to see a few more features, specifically so it would integrate into my studio and live rig a bit better. That said, this is an awesome sketch pad sequencer, especially if you do dance music, it is also a hell of a lot of fun!

  7. When this has full note range instead of scales and midi out, it will be the greatest midi sequencer on iOS. Lovely UI, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

  8. Kudos for the great promo video! I am a music software dev myself and I know how much work it is to make a video look and sound good (and easy to understand) at the same time. Well done 🙂

  9. MIDI out is pretty obvious.

    What would make this totally more awesome is for it to simply be a remote for Ableton Live or Bitwig.

    Whatever sequence you put into Auxy would magically appear as a new pattern in the session view.

    It would pass on all the complexities of integration onto Live rather than the app itself.

    I really think that would be huge.

    Unless there is already something like that?

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