7 thoughts on “MIDAir Brings MIDI Over Bluetooth To Any Device

    1. I agree, but the MIDI-to-USB thing is not that difficult to sort. OTOH, any talk about MIDI over bluetooth has to be pretty up front about best-case & worst case latency values.

    1. I received mine in the mail a week or two ago, but they’re having some issues with getting their iOS app out (which is required to patch the firmware to get the device to work). So I’m sitting on my hands for now.

  1. I have been waiting for something like this. There are already existing products for wirelessly connecting DIN midi devices (one is also called midair). They don’t have to reinvent that. My digital piano is a good stand alone piano, but has only USB midi out, like many new digital pianos out there.

  2. And they need $89.000 for this ? Really ? Hope they will make a better video with that kind of money … Because the actual video fail to show anything about the project or how the product is enhancing a musician life.
    Awww are the colored circle the main feature ? Sorry my bad !

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