Happy 70th Birthday, Keith Emerson


Today is the 70th birthday of prog rock keyboard pioneer Keith Emerson, born Nov 2nd, 1944.

Here’s an example of the intensity, musicianship and over-the-top showmanship Emerson brought to rock keyboard performance – an excerpt from one of his insane solos on Rondo:


Here’s a less extreme performance, Emerson with ELP in 1974, performing Karn Evil 9:

via Fabricio Carvalho

2 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday, Keith Emerson

  1. I’m as dazzled by Keith’s synth-god status as anyone, but having started on piano, THIS video shows why I took to my first Moog. I was already into some classical, but this set is where it crashed into rock and became huge for me. If you can put even half this much sweat into the piano, you can’t help but make a synth really bark, too. Hats off for Keith, you rowdy lot!


  2. I was watching ELP on YouTube yesterday. Live in Belgium, 1971. It was very impressive the sound that those three made live with no auto tune, doubling, harmonizers or backing tracks. I was also impressed that the “concert” began with no modular synth, and then it appeared later on and vanished again later. They also were able to change their shirts a number of times while playing live. Wink, wink.

    Happy Birthday Keith. One of the great ones.

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