Christopher Franke – The London Concert

This video captures part of Christopher Franke‘s live concert in London in Oct 1991. 

The performance, by Franke and Edgar Rothermich (aka Richard E. Roth), became Franke’s album, The London Concert. It catches Franke shortly after the end of his years with Tangerine Dream, and it’s easy to hear the influence he brought to the group.

Tracks Performed:

  • Purple Waves
  • Cloudburst Flight
  • Mountain Hights

9 thoughts on “Christopher Franke – The London Concert

  1. Like many people, I was happily soaked in Tangerine Dream for years. I also loved Franke’s work for “Babylon 5,” for which he even designed an odd little wood-wind-like controller. The thing is…. Franke himself said that part of his leaving TD was because so many people had taken up synthesizers that the group was no longer cutting-edge in sound design. I’d be two-faced if I said I didn’t enjoy playing to loops at times, but a synth “should” be about growth. “Tributes” made up of 8-step sequences and filter-swept string pads feel freeze-dried to my ear. I don’t build every sound from scratch, but I do generally avoid cliches. A synth is not THE most expressive instrument on Earth, which isn’t even a competition. Each thing to its best roles and strengths. It IS the most TONALLY broad one and that’s what we should all milk more effectively. You walk, then you run, then you start actually composing. TD should be seen as a venerable leaping-off point, not your entire style. Be inspired, but don’t lavishly imitate. Take a grain of salt with my critique, too. I wore out TWO vinyl discs of Edgar Froese’s “Aqua.” 😛 Magnificent band.

    1. It’s a Digisound modular, loaned specially for this. the only time Chris Franke has ever been staged for a solo concert.

    1. That makes no sense. If it’s not live then why bother sequencing it…why not just make a recording and press play?

      I really think it’s live.

  2. I love TD and loved his Babylon 5 soundtracks. His soundtrack for B5 was the hidden character, it set the mood and atmosphere better than just about any Scifi series. He really knew how to bring out emotion in a scene with his music.

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