Novation Debuts Max For Live ‘Launchsync’ Solution

Novation_Launchsync_with_devicesToday Novation announced the release of Launchsync, a Max For Live solution for synchronizing controllers when working in “an expansive session view” in Ableton Live.

Created in partnership with Isotonik Studios, Novation’s Launchsync solution synchronizes the user’s Launch devices, allowing them to bank both controllers together around session view. In this way, the user can keep the devices locked to the same tracks.

Novation_LaunchsyncAccording to Novation, the Launchsync user “can even synchronise two Launchpads and know that if you move around your set on one, the other will move too. Of course, you don’t have to synchronise them to exactly the same place: You can position one controller above, below, left or right of the other – they’ll stay locked together as they move around.”

In addition to working with Novation’s Launch- line of products, Launchsync also works with pad controllers like the Ableton Push, Akai Professional APC40, and Livid Base.

Pricing and Availability. Novation and Isotonik Studios’ Launchsync is available now as a free download from Ableton Live

You can take a deeper look at Launchsync in this tutorial video:

14 thoughts on “Novation Debuts Max For Live ‘Launchsync’ Solution

  1. I have been using this with a LaunchpadS running the Launchpad95 script & a LaunchcontrolXL for a couple of weeks now and it has been really, incredibly useful. Highly recommend giving it a shot if you have more than one Novation “launch” type device. I’ve defaulted Live to open new sets with this device on the master channel and have yet to run into any issues.

  2. I am bemused by these controllers and would rather have my hands on an actual machine than a virtual machine. This must be midi controller number 999 …I have watched my mate buy endless controllers spending more than I do on hardware and I have a substantial collection of analogue and digital synths.
    Lets hope novation come up with another decent multi timbral synth soon.

    1. The article is about a Max For Live device used in conjunction with Novation controllers…they’re not trying to sell you “midi controller number 999,” or anything else for that matter. It’s free…

  3. This is a super cool idea. Kudos to Novation for supporting a variety of controllers, not just there own, on a piece of free, useful software.

    1. Glad you like it 😉

      The original conversation was always about how to make the Novation gear more usable with other manufacturers as well… Novation could always see the bigger picture in that respect!


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