Magic Music Visuals Creates Animation & Video Effects That Interact With Music


Magic is a desktop application that gives you a modular interface for creating interactive animation and video effects – for VJing, music visualization, video mixing, music video creation and more.

Magic lets you design a variety of dynamic visuals from scratch, using many effects:

  • Draw abstract geometric patterns that dance and spin according to audio volume and frequency
  • Display images and 3D models that move, rotate, and pulse with beats
  • Perform real-time video manipulation with multiple simultaneous movie files and live cameras
  • Render GLSL shaders and GPU-accelerated graphics synchronized to music
  • Magic compositions can be presented in full-screen mode for live performances, or exported to movie files for further editing or uploading to video sharing sites.
  • Magic responds to live audio and MIDI input and/or audio file playback.

Here are a series of video demos that show Magic in action:

Magic works well with virtually all types of live audio and MIDI sources, including microphones, turntables, guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, multitrack audio editors, hardware controllers and lighting control systems.

Magic allows you to use multiple audio and MIDI inputs simultaneously, including support for multichannel audio devices — meaning that your visuals can react differently to individual instruments.

Magic also lets you import and play back audio files in a variety of formats so that you can design scenes for your pre-recorded material or your favorite artists’ tracks.

Magic is available to download and use for free for 30 days. Beyond that, a license key is available for an introductory price of US $39.99 (the standard price will be $69.95).

If you’ve used Magic, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

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17 thoughts on “Magic Music Visuals Creates Animation & Video Effects That Interact With Music

  1. After just a few minutes playing with this I had some really interesting visuals going. Very simple to setup and save patches. I have not experimented with MIDI yet but it seems worth the price they’re asking…

    1. It can manipulate MIDI too ??

      Once there was an amazing piece of software called Building Blocks… best MIDI modular “synthesizer” ever created. Unfortunately the developer never kept developing it or made it open source so we can have it today and use it with current hardware and software.

      1. There is a very cool piece of software called Controller Mate for mac. It’s designed for gaming and other input macros, but there is a version that does MIDI. It doesn’t do everything but pretty close to ‘modular MIDI’

    1. For amateurs that just want a visualizer, the additional options in magic probably are not that important.

      But for pros, the multi channel audio support and MIDI support are huge!

  2. I’m wondering if it is a 10.10 incompatibility that is causing the crashing. Did the same thing to me on Yosemite. I put an email in to their support.

  3. Does anyone know how a DDJ-SX would work, i hooked mine in, it displays in the Audio/MIDI window, i then choose the ddj sx input into my GLSL effect but it doesnt react to the music, please help.

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