Sabroso! – A Mini-Documentary On The Electronic Music Of Colombia

Sabroso! A Road Trip to Colombia’s Caribbean Coast – is a new mini-documentary that takes a look the electronic music scene of Colombia and how the area’s musical heritage has shaped its contemporary music scene – a blend of traditional influences and modern sounds.

The documentary highlights the music and producers featured in its latest Maschine Expansion Pack, Caribbean Current

Through interviews with artists, producers, DJs, soundsystem owners, and other key figures in the music scene (click the ‘cc’ button for subtitles if you need them), director Luis Antonio Delgado and host Mauricio Alvarez demonstrate the energy and diversity of a unique music culture, which has had a lasting impact on European and North American producers.

Alvarez, producer of renowned Colombian tropi-pop trio Cero39, journeys across the Colombian landscape – from Bogotá to its Caribbean Coast. On his way, Alvarez gets an insight into Colombian Picó Soundsystem Culture and meets a number of key Colombian producers, including DJ Rata and DJ Dever.

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5 thoughts on “Sabroso! – A Mini-Documentary On The Electronic Music Of Colombia

  1. For a promo to sell a sound library, this is vey nicely done. Classy!

    The last great promos I remember were the Spectrasonics ones that just featured some great musicians jamming with Trillian and aomniSphere.

  2. Man, This would be great if the music wasn’t such fucking shit. Sorry, All that shit being produced currently by people in these genres is fucking headache inducing. (Latin person here)

  3. I was laughing when he said that new DJ rigs with the transistor “little boxes” just “don’t walk” and then they showed all those tubes inside the amp. Like deejaying through two hand painted Marshall stacks! Huge. 🙂

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