DIY iPad Clothespin Piano

This MacGyver-esque Clothespin Piano is a cheap DIY project, created by Adam Kumpf, that turns clothespins, aluminum foil and rubber bands into a playable instrument:

Here’s a hack that creates a piano interface which tricks the iPad into thinking it’s being played directly by your fingers. All materials together cost less than $5.

Full step-by-step instructions are published at Instructables.

11 thoughts on “DIY iPad Clothespin Piano

  1. Look, Bender banged Wilma Flintstone and made an anchor baby! I winced at this WHILE I was laughing, because you can’t deny that it works. Its totally cockeyed, but it still deserves a thumbs-up for sheer nerve. Nice job!

  2. I agree! Super clever. I’d be a little concerned that the foil might scratch up the screen, but there’s probably a work-around for that.

    Once in a while something like brilliant this pops up on instructibles. FUN!

  3. So using the touch screen to play piano concertos was not a good experience and not expressive enough, and you came up with a solution that you are so proud of, you made a video for the world to see. One of the best examples of de-evolution I have ever seen.
    (shame on Synthtopia for posting this)

    1. Some of us can still appreciate a bit of absurd DIY madness, the fact that it actually works and that it is a challenge to others to create inexpensive homemade alternatives to mass-produced hegemony.

      De-evolution is when you lose your sense of humor and joy – don’t do that!

  4. Adam is the developer of Fiddlewax Pro and as I understand it he put this together as a way to relax and get away from coding for a few hours. Full marks to the man for a having a sense of humour and sharing.

  5. I have midi keyboards, never use them. I feel the device itself should be played.

    BUT- this is supercool! Looks fun as hell and actually works:)

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