Paul Hartnoll’s Welcome To 8:58

Here’s an update from Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll on his latest project, 8:58. In the video, Hartnoll explains what is upcoming for the new project from his well-appointed studio.

Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll recently announced the Orbital break-up, and that they were pursuing new projects individually.

You can find out more about Paul Hartnoll’s new project at the Eight Fifty Eight site.

6 thoughts on “Paul Hartnoll’s Welcome To 8:58

  1. Just awesome….\m/ SATAN SATAN SATAN \m/
    Can’t wait to hear this new work Paul… Too long I have waited for another project from either of you

    1. I think it’s cool he’s looking for ways to engage and try something new. A lot of old artists just grumble about their work not buying Rolls Royces any more and he’s giving stuff away and trying to reach out to fans. Can’t be mad at that.

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