The Didgeridoo Gets A Funk Injection

Slaperoo Percussion – a company that specializes in unusual percussion instruments – shared this sneak preview of the SlapStick Didgeridoo – a new instrument that turns the didj into a percussion instrument. 

The SlapStick Didgeridoo is a hollow metal tube that can be played like a traditional didj. It also incorporates a high-tension steel strap on the top that can be tuned to a pitched and played by striking it with your hands or with a drumstick.

Here’s another video demo, where the SlapStick Didgeridoo is used with a Digitech RP1000 effects processor:

No official details on the SlapStick Didgeridoo have been announced.

Check out the demo video and let us know what you think of the SlapStick Didgeridoo!

10 thoughts on “The Didgeridoo Gets A Funk Injection

  1. This looks cool as hell! In fact, few years ago I had a bizarre dream about a mutated percussive/woodwind/string instrument, that worked pretty close to this thing (except that strings were patched to vents/fingerholes of the woodwind part, but, ehm, dreams can be pretty non-realistic) , so it’s a weird de ja vu for me

        1. … Now is when i feel !oups! . I ‘ve been a fun of your inventions mr.graham since 10 years or more. The projects a saw at the time fascinated me but they where not on the market , or were they? idk . I was thinking some company was using your idea of didjbass but selling it like comercially xD

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