Steampunk TB-303 Clone Puts x0x Heart In Wood & Brass Enclosure

This video, via Tomash Ghzegovsky, demonstrates his handcrafted steampunk-style Roland TB-303 clone build. 

The tb303 clone build is based on the x0x-heart board and Ghzegovsky‘s Teensy Synth control board. The synth is build into a hand crafted wooden enclosure with a lid and an engraved aluminum face plate.

Ghzegovsky is offering the steampunk 303 clones built to order for 300,00 €.

5 thoughts on “Steampunk TB-303 Clone Puts x0x Heart In Wood & Brass Enclosure

  1. nice! i would be interested in more info on the control board – looks like a serious contender to the pacemaker!

  2. This is a handsome devil. However: Aluminum panel, Radio Shack/Moog-style knobs, basic catalog switches – there’s nothing steampunk about this. Even the wood enclosure is associated with modern synths.

    Now, if the thing was housed in an large distressed oak enclosure with dovetail joints, brass corner guards, with a 2-tone copper and brass top panel, big vintage bakelite vernier knobs from an old shortwave radio, large Frankenstein-style throw switches, and had details like an analog VU meter, now you’re talking.

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