Analogue Solutions SEMblance Demo

This video, via perfectcircuitaudio, the sound and features of the Analogue Solutions SEMblance synthesizer. 

The AS SEMblance is a 2 oscillator synth, inspired by the Oberheim SEM. It offers a separate LFO, multimode fileter, mixer and 2 envelope geneartors. It also features a POLY mode allowing you to chain 4 SEMblances.

The Analogue Solutions SEMblance retails for about US $750.

6 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions SEMblance Demo

      1. Yes I did. To tell you the truth I don’t really get the idea behind Analogue Solutions.
        Semblance by Analogue Systems is a fine analog synth, it just does not sound as the Sem. The filter is very different sounding. The patch capabilities of the Sem are not there. The MIDI section of the original Sem is great and so on.
        I would call this thing Analogue Solutions Acid 01 for example, but their marketing strategy seems to try to take advantage of synths made by other people to sell different beasts made by them. As I said, I don’t get it.

  1. I am no professional 😎 But, I believe that this is cheaper than the BoomStar SEM. Although, perhaps not as versatile (?) A good value mono synth, hopefully. Neither of them sounding exactly like SEMs though, of course.

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