Kosada Intros Vuo 1.0 Multimedia Programming Environment


Kosada has introduced Vuo, a realtime visual programming environment for OS X, designed for creating audio, visual, and mixed multimedia effects.

Kosada’s goal is to make Vuo useful to all multimedia artists and producers who currently uses Quartz Composer.

Here’s the official video intro:

Here’s what the developers have to say about Vuo:

To create a multimedia composition with Vuo, you start by browsing through Vuo’s library of nodes and pick out the ones you want to use. Nodes are your building blocks. Some nodes connect to devices, such as a mouse or a MIDI controller. Other nodes make something happen on the screen, such as popping up a window or drawing a sphere. Other nodes control when things happen in your composition. Once you’ve picked some nodes, you make them talk to each other by connecting them with cables.

The power of Vuo is that you can mix and mash up any nodes to create a composition. Combine mouse and graphics… MIDI and text… video and 3D models. You’re limited only by your node library and your imagination. You can even grow your node library by downloading nodes created by the Vuo community.


  • Built-in Syphon support
  • Live coding support for changing multimedia effects “on the fly
  •  Real-time audio analysis
  • Automatic multi-threading and compiled code for speed and efficiency
  • Modern shader-based OpenGL implementation
  • A first-class API, so others can add to it

A series of tutorials for getting started with Vuo are available at their Vimeo page.

Vuo is available now, with prices starting at US $45. A demo version is available. See the Vuo site for details.

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