19 thoughts on “Workflow On The Elektron Analog Rytm

  1. No disrespect but that is one seriously bad operating system, wow!!! The guy will need physio for all that button pressing.
    This didn’t make me want to part with my akai mpc and synths.
    I know there stuff has its followers , but that video was a turn off

    1. huh..??

      Try programming the end result in anything else in less time and post a real time video of you doing it!

      I’m not being facetious, I am genuinely interested how you can achieve such variation in less time and witless parameter changes with anything else.

      As far as I’m concerned the RYTM is the most advanced drum machine available but I’m happy to be proved wrong 🙂

  2. @ funkfreak. MPCs are just as convoluted. I know, i had one. Yes elektrons need to be practised on, but no way is their OS any worse than mpc or electribe…

  3. that is the upside to this over the Push (other than the obvious standalone element)? As i’ve gone overboard on new toys this year, it’s been interesting to slow down and understand how much each thing can do.

    I also think the OP-! is super cool, but don’t think it really does much i can’t already do.

      1. What a retarded reply, how does discussion of music tech get to your conclusion.It is a good job this is not a discussion around intelectual critiques of the state of Israel, I am sure you have to sit out most subjects.

  4. To all the haters: I have mine since a half year. It’s really pretty easy to learn. I understood al the main functions within a hour. Some things seem complicated, but the os is very logical. It’s really not very complicated – the thing is that you really can do a lot with it – that’s not the same than complicated. And last: I think this is the best sounding drummaschine on the marked.

  5. Am I the only one that prefers the unqantized hats on this sample and this kick/snare pattern??
    Sure then you need the next sounds you add to follow the same groove and maybe move around one of the kicks, still I guess the guy had to show the cool quantizer.

  6. i own a tempest and i have nothing against this drum machine, am full of admiration for electron although i wouldn’t swap machines but i would love both. when i first got the tempest it seemed convoluted but like many such devices its familiarity and experience that make them. but i guess thats why i don’t own both because when it comes to this kind of gear, less is more, because the more time focused on the one device the more the rewards you reap from it.

    its not the gear that makes the music, its the owner.

  7. I have had my RYTM for a few weeks now and it’s really creative piece of kit. Yes, most of the shortcuts are not really too intuitive (copy and paste almost anything) in the beginning and every now and then you do something what you didn’t mean to. But it really doesn’t take too long to learn.

    It’s really fast to sketch some beats with it. Somehow my maschine seems a bit restricted now…

  8. I have a RYTM and an A4 – I also have machine, spark and push…. So I am certainly not bias to hardware….The elektron stuff sounds better than my virtual instruments as you would expect, but I also prefer sequencing on the hardware, once you have learned it, the p lock system offers unparalleled sequencing flexibility and I can make tunes faster than with live, the analog sound and per step effects, sounds and perimeters makes for very organic tunes.

  9. This unit is not the same as working in a DAW. Its its own thing. It is a huge amount of fun to play, its easy to learn, you can do a lot with it and make a unique sounding track very quickly. It has some quirks like but again just because its not Ableton does not make it a bad machine. Next people will be complaining that a vintage 808 is a bad machine because of its limitations. I find it amusing that such an incredibly deep machine still gets criticism for what it can’t do. Please show me a machine that has all the features of this and does all the things that people complain this cannot do as well. Even this machines closest rival the Tempest is far more limited in its capabilities for a much higher price. Its as close as we will get to a DAW in a box with analog voices inside it.

  10. Also try reversing a sampled snare on just one beat as quickly on any other platform. With p locks all I had to do was hold down the trig and move two knobs. Didn’t even have to stop the sequencer.

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