Awesome MacGyvered Cigar Box Ribbon Synth

This video, via MILQUETOASTE, demonstrates the Clandestign Clazoo – an awesome MacGyvered cigar box ribbon synth. 

Here’s what he has to say about the Clandestign Clazoo:

Prototype Arduino-driven single voice digital/analog synth.

Touch sensor forms virtual keyboard, with 33 musical modes transposable to any key and full ADSR control of variable bandpass filter. Arduino pro mini, digital pot, serial LCD, 2 vactrols, opamp bandpass filter and amp.

Open source hardware and software, kits and boards coming soon.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

Would you be interested in building a cigar box ribbon synth? Let us know what you think!

13 thoughts on “Awesome MacGyvered Cigar Box Ribbon Synth

  1. Hell YES I would build one, tomorrow! It’s the perfect design for a playable ‘fretless’ ribbon synth instrument! Korg, hire this man….

  2. I knew a guy who made great cigar box guitars. They were great because they sounded funk-cool and you could play actual music with them. This “cigar box ribbon synth” = another pointless turd. 🙂

    1. Is that arduino board ? *Pointless turd = Someone who relates a semi acoustic guitar design to that of a haptic controller pushing boundaries of live synthesis and control. Its ideas like this however crude that push boundaries of electronic instrument design synthesis parameters with live performance.

      ps. I bet you aren’t very funky or cool are you

  3. I totally lost interest when I realized it was powered by an arduino.
    Basically, it’s just s digital synth with a novel input- which isn’t even actually analog since it pops from discrete note to discrete note.


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