Soundprism Electro For iPad

Audanika has introduced SoundPrism Electro – a new iPad musical instrument, based on their SoundPrism Pro instrument and MIDI controller. 


  • New sound engine with rock-solid polyphony and great-sounding effects. SoundPrism Electro’s new sounds are hand-crafted by Swiss sound designer Oliver Imseng to work beautifully with each other.
  • Innovative and improved chord input system: effortlessly play inversions and chord progressions while focusing on your track, not on the music theory behind it.
  • A ribbon controller for live manipulation of the built-in effects.
  • New interactive tutorial system: SoundPrism Electro walks you through its interface and teaches you how to play.
  • Supports Audiobus including state saving.
  • Supports Core MIDI

Here’s another demo video, from sound designer Oliver Imseng:

SoundPrism Electro is available for US $4.99 in the App Store.

30 thoughts on “Soundprism Electro For iPad

  1. This engine should have been an update to the existing Soundprism Pro, with the “Elektro” expansion offered as an in-app purchase. I want to play with this, but honestly, it’s a bit annoying that I’ll have two different apps installed for essentially the same thing.

    1. Couldn’t you delete the old ones?

      I mean, I don’t know the distinction between these apps. What is the best version, and is there a reason to keep the old versions? If so, I’m not going to clutter my iPad either with any of these.

  2. I think it’s a fair price and there is enough that is added on that would make it too much work to incorporate into an existing app.

    Anyway, you will forget about the loss of $4.99 once you start selling your Electro songs you made with just your finger.

  3. Scott has a good point – visually, this looks like the exact same app, so this seems like it could have been a sound library for the original.

    I’m not sure why more app makers don’t do sound libraries for their synth apps. Seems like it would be like shooting fish Ina barrel, if you priced it right. Native price it’s iMaschine sound packs at a buck or two, and they are kind of like crack.

  4. Hi,

    I’m one of the guys who make SoundPrism. Let me address the reasons why this is a new app and not an in app purchase:

    The first and most important reason is that whenever there’s a significant change in the UI or sound system of an app there are users like you complaining about losing their old features. Here’s just one example of a conversation where that happened yesterday on Twitter: Auxy changes the sound of their drums, old drum sounds get kicked out, new ones are better. Jakob Haq complains.

    We’ve experienced stuff like this in the past. We’ve changed the interface of SoundPrism in 2011 and we still get requests from people 3 years later asking for the old design.

    Besides that: In-App Purchases don’t really work for apps that are already paid. And freemium is just not a good business model for music apps, especially since it turns users into the product, instead of the app being the product itself.

    My personal view (which you’re free to disagree with) is that you should let small indy developers make new apps and if you don’t like them, just don’t buy them. Chances are that they’ve put a lot of thought into their decisions and actually have the best intentions for their users because that’s who pays their rent.

    1. well said! If you don’t like it don’t buy it. The only problem is that people prefer ‘if you don’t like it whine and complain, buy it, complain further’

    2. I get the point that you have made a new app to get new customers, but probably not the old ones. About the presets I mentioned in my previous post – can you make an update to the SoundPrism Pro to add presets to it as well? I like the app, but in live situations it’s useless without presets which could remember all the settings for notes. It is not PRO, as the name says (even if it has MIDI)

              1. And save the color with the state so I don’t have to remember that,
                Saving midi settings with the sate would rock, like bass on Ch. 5 and chords on 2 and so on

                1. Then I don’t have to go through the other apps midi ch. anymore, I could just leave the synth apps on ch whatever and save the setup with sp

                  1. Exactly… saving all those kind of parameters to different presets. I use it to control external synthesizers – sometimes bass and chord sounds come from different instruments.
                    And I don’t really understand why people downvote those posts here, which ask for a possibility to save things?!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a consistent 14 (or more) down votes for every comment on here no matter what they’re saying. Go away trolls.

  6. Also, I have to agree that there’s hardly anything on offer here with this version. I guess the ribbon controller is new and the synth engine. But I think you may have had me more if I was able to tweak all the parameters in the sound engine. Doesn’t seem like that’s an option and I’m not willing to fork over $5 (although a reasonable price) to find out. Sorry.

  7. Soundprism Pro has been my favorite ipad music app since they introduced MIDI support way back. It’s a core part of my system. If they’d added an expansion called “please give us $5 because you like Soundprism”, I probably would have purchased it. I’m just extra happy it actually came with new features!

  8. I really don’t understand the down voting trolls (plural? Or just one misguided tool out to demonstrate their 1337 interweb skilz). I like SoundPrism, and a new version with a few new features for a few bucks — seems not at all unreasonable (and if you want it, you don’t have to buy it….).

  9. I won’t be buying this, because I don’t want to take up extra memory on my iPad for two apps that are so close to the same thing. If the additional capabilities were made available as an in app upgrade, I would be happy with that, because I am glad to support good developers, and I would not expect it to take near as much memory is having two so similar applications on one iPad.

  10. What is called a “personal attack” above was my comment saying this is a good product with a reasonable price that is much less than you would pay for an upgrade for desktop software. I bemoaned the domination of these forums by trolls who complain about good products for spurious reasons because they complain about everything. But yes, downvote and delete this if you must.

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