Amazing Noises Intros Limiter For Audiobus & Inter-App Audio

limiter-ipadAmazing Noises has introduced Limiter – a brickwall peak limiting app for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

According to the developers, Limiter has a wide range of dynamic processing, from gentle volume attenuation to heavy distortion.

Main Features:

  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support
  • Brickwall Limiter
  • Live Normalizer
  • Control Manager LFO for Parameters
  • Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
  • Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad

Tech Requirements:

  • iOS7 or later
  • iPad 2 or later

Limiter is available for US $.99 in the App Store.

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