Audulus For Windows Now Available


Audulus for Windows – a software modular synthesizer that lets you create patches visually – is now available.

With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio, with low-latency real-time processing, suitable for live performance.

Audulus is also available for iOS and OS X, and you can share patches across platforms.

Here’s a video intro to Audulus For WIndows from developer Taylor Holliday:


  • Fluid Vector Interface – smooth animated interaction
  • MIDI control – use your control surface or MIDI keyboard
  • Polyphony – process multiple voices
  • Diverse Nodes – from ADSR to ZeroCross
  • Patch Browser – quickly flip through your patches
  • 32-bit floating-point signal processing
  • Unlimited Undo – full history stored in a patch
  • Sub-Patches – group and reuse nodes
  • Universal Modulation – modulate any knob

System Requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit, OpenGL 3.0+ (check your graphics driver), 64-bit VST host (for plugin). Virtual Machines such as Parallels or VMWare are not supported.

Audulus for Windows is available directly from the Audulus site for $29.99. Includes both Stand-alone and VSTi versions. Additional modules are available as in-app purchases. For a limited time, though, buyers of Audulus for Windows will receive all the in-app upgrades for free.

If you’ve used Audlulus For Windows, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Audulus For Windows Now Available

    1. Hey sbo, have a look at the Audulus forum. There are lots of patches available for download :). Also, I’m going to be beefing up the patches that come with Audulus in future versions.

      – Taylor

    1. Hi Tim,

      Unfortunately, no. Apple doesn’t send me any information about who bought the Mac version (other than the country), so I currently have no reliable way of sending a user the Windows version. Sorry about that! Maybe I can come up with something. I’ll be thinking about it.

      all the best
      – Taylor

  1. It would have been nice if Mac users also would have been given the same discounts as Windows users. I haven’t bought Audulus for Mac yet, but I was possibly planning to.

    1. The only way to make everybody happy would be to give all the add-ons to everybody for free, which would kind of defeat the purpose of having them be paid add-ons. And if he made them free, everybody who had already paid for the add-ons would be mad.

      I’ve purchased several of the additional modules and they are well worth the price. Taylor is one of the few developers that regularly releases updates and new modules and he demonstrates that if we are willing to buy add-ons, he’ll keep making them.

    1. Hi WEV, yep, I’m going to do a 32-bit version. I’ve had quite a few requests. Should be out pretty soon, unless I hit some unforeseen problems.

      – Taylor

  2. Do we know what the support is for touch screens and devices? I’m assuming there might be something decent since there is a previous iOS version.

  3. This synth has really grabbed my interest. It seems the closest thing to a Nord Modular type synth, but at a much better price. Just get a good MIDI keyboard controller – something like a Novation Remote SL 61, and the Audulus synth for $39, and you’re away. I have the iOS version and will play with it a bit more but will either get the Mac or Windows version for my studio. I can see this on a large display being a very appealing way to explore modular synthesis.

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