Dr Bleep’s Bleep Drum Module Coming To littleBits

bleep-labs-bleepdrumlittleBits has announced that Dr Bleep’s Bleep Drum will make it to production, as part of their modular building system.

The Bleep Drum is a lo-fi Arduino-based drum machine. The littleBits module version can be triggered from any changing signal, like the output from an oscillator, sequencer, or even a simple button. 

Here’s a video demo:

The Bleep Drum module has two modes. In “analog” mode, the drum sample and its pitch are determined by an incoming analog level like that of the sequencer module. In “digital” mode the pitch and sample are selected by the Bleep Drum’s knob. The sample is activate every time a pulse is received from any module, from a button, light sensor, oscillator, or anything in between.

Release date is to be announced. See the littleBits site for details.

4 thoughts on “Dr Bleep’s Bleep Drum Module Coming To littleBits

  1. i’m excited for this! i voted for this module in the bleep lab, and haven’t heard anything for a while now. nice to hear it’s going to happen.

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