Dreadbox Erebus Synth Module Review

This video, via ProckGnosis, is an intro and user review of the Dreadbox Erebus synthesizer module

The video covers:

  • Test of the waveforms
  • Test sweep of the filter (with zero and full resonance)
  • Pricing
  • Discussion of some of the features in comparison to the Murmux Semi-Modular (also from Dreadbox)

If you’ve used the Dreadbox Erebus, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

15 thoughts on “Dreadbox Erebus Synth Module Review

  1. Despite belonging to an over saturated analog mono synth market (well this guy is paraphonic to be fair), this thing sound big, fat, and fantastic. If I had the scratch I would buy it, it just sounds huge.

  2. I’d get it just for the mix of analog, duophonic and built-in delay, this little synth could be a very underestimated piece of brilliant equipment.

  3. this is a very great analog semi modular paraphonic synth !!! really good built and sounds !!! dreadbox are awesome…. 🙂 cheers!!!!!

  4. Getting mine in a few weeks. For the analog gooeyness but mainly for the fun factor. John, the guy who designs the Dreadbox machines, really knows his stuff.

    1. Most synths, including analog, that are made today feature SMT components. It detracts nothing from their sound or usefulness. It only makes them difficult to repair.

      ASide from kit built DIY, the only current synths that I know of that feature through-hole components entirely are the Boomstars. It is so unusual that they go out of their way to mention it in ad copy.

      1. Thanks for this information! That will please a lot of people!

        Agree with you that SMT will not function different but trough hole will indeed be easier to be repaired.

      1. If it’s anything like the Murmux semi modular, it’ll have 2 pcbs, one for the knobs, and one sound board. The sound board for the semi modular is surprisingly small for such a big sound.

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