18 thoughts on “Genome Midi Sequencer V2 (Sneak Preview)

  1. I’ve always heard pretty positive reviews of Genome.

    I have Stroke Machine and really really like it, though it is a little bit buggy. Hard to see what this brings to the table that is different– apart from the interface being a lot more spacious. — And having a way of assembling sequence parts into longer form songs.

  2. I wish they were spending this energy improving the Midi functionality and interface instead of adding instruments. Why go off in such a nonsense direction?

    1. I too wish that they would have done their effort for improving MIDI-sequencing. Genome has lot of potential to be the best MIDI-sequencer in iOS but it has had too much annoying bugs to be real professional tool. I’ve been one to ask for better song mode and fix for odd time phrases. Let’s see if these are done in new update…

  3. I have to agree with some of the comments here (and I really hope the developer is reading this), but let’s be constructive. I’ve been using Genome for some time now, it was the first MIDI sequencer I got on the iPad and it’s imho still the best one around. It’s got a whole bunch of things though that would profit from improvements. Some of these can actually be real show-stoppers.
    With all the great softsynths available on iOS I wonder why anybody would invest the time on adding sound generation to Genome, when it would make much more sense to use that time to make a truly outstanding MIDI sequencer. It feels like a weird decision to me (though there is certainly a sound reasoning behind it). I’m available for some more detailed feedback on the matter, but just to name a couple of examples: Genome does not support multiple MIDI outputs, note editing can be a bit cumbersome sometimes, the way you arrange patterns into songs is a bit limiting. There’s a huge potential for a v2, I hope it’s not getting wasted.

  4. All i really want from a genome update is improved song arrangement mode, based on the length of the longest segment. Not sure the focus on synths is the right way to go

  5. I posted a rant about this on Discchord a while ago , glad I’m not the only one to think this ..
    Dev has gone in completely wrong direction , instead of making the de facto rock solid go to midi sequencer for IOS , he has left a clunky ,buggy unreliable half finished app for two years and now comes back thinking he can equal animoog,Thor,nave,isem etc on the synth front? , and Gadget , Caustic on the all in one studio ?
    All we need is IAA instrument slots added to a rock solid ,powerful midi sequencer .

    I emailed 2 1/2 years ago asking for better menus ,so I could read more than 3 of my 500 midifile names through a keyhole at a time . dev said he would …still waiting ..still unusable for me until he does .

  6. Fairly new to the iPad world… what are the alternatives to Genome for internal and external midi sequencing with an ableton clip-launching style? A sampler would also be nice 🙂

  7. At first i thought it’s custom controllers for external synth (which would be really nice). But then i realized it’s internal synth and drum machine.. Meh… I think it’s time to start looking for alternative sequencer

  8. A volume midi mixer in the mainpage would be great. It,s not confortable control velocity track by track.
    Some functions like CC messages, dont work when you are in edit mode (footswitch).
    When changing between apps (cubasis) the sync looses and it’s a mess if you using arps with others synths.
    They really should invest in improvise midi functions. Is a great sequencer.

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