TC-Helicon Intros Voice Rack Vocal Effects Processor For iOS


TC-Helicon – a company that has long specialized in professional vocal effects hardware – has introduced Voice Rack: FX – a real-time vocal effects processor for iOS.

The app, which works with both Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, offers 50 vocal effects presets, ranging from voice doubling to ‘gender-bending’, based on the company’s voice processing algorithms.


  • 50 Vocal presets, built using TC-Helicon voice processing algorithms including:
    • HardTune for live, auto-tuned vocal effects
    • Reverb
    • Delay
    • Doubling
    • Echo
    • Micromod
    • Chorus
    • Flanges
    • Distortion
    • Gender bending
    • Transducer
    • Pitch correction
  • 4 radio buttons to store and instantly recall your favourite presets
  • Audiobus connectivity
  • Inter-App Audio connectivity

Voice Rack FX is available for US $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Voice Rack FX, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!


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