Fun Stop Motion Animation Visualizes Electronic Music

This stop-motion animation video, by , is promo for Hello Play, a Belgian online electronic music platform.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video:

Barth says that the video ‘was driven by a concept to create a beat using instruments that glitch and deform according to the sound they produce, creating a visual landscape that reflects the sonic one.’

5 thoughts on “Fun Stop Motion Animation Visualizes Electronic Music

  1. Had a look/listen, seems alright!

    This taken from the ‘Events’ page and translated with Google 😀

    “You should know that events play Hello! are at the Belgian electronic music what the Vatican is to Catholics fundamentalists.

    – Because Stereoclip said.


  2. Funny, that’s how my gear appears after I’ve had a few snorts of Old Mjolnir, the Beer That Made Valhalla Crowded. Outstanding animation job!

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