8DM Debuts Deep House, vol 1

Today 8DM announced the release of the first volume in their new Deep House library.

Deep House Vol. 1 is a set of “chillaxing” Deep House multi-samples from drums, claps, synth perc, beats, organs, deep synth basses, “pluckey, spacey” ambient sounds, and white noise.

8DM Deep House Vol. 1 is available in three different formats: Maschine, Kontakt and Wavpack. The Wav-Pack alone contains over 2.6GB of samples. 8DM also offers all the formats in a comprehensive bundle.

8dm_Deep_House_vol1_MaschineThe Maschine version of the Deep House library features a new more intuitive layout, with “everything neatly organized” and with advanced macro controls for live manipulation. The Kontakt version utilizes our new 8DM 3.0 Chaos FX Engine, 3-D rendered layout and “hyper flexible” interface. The Wavpacks version of the library has all the samples neatly organized for easy DAW integration.

Pricing and Availability. 8DM Deep House Vol. 1 is available in three different formats: Maschine ($49) , Kontakt ($49) and Wavpack ($39). A bundle of all three formats is available for $69 US from the 8DM website.


2 thoughts on “8DM Debuts Deep House, vol 1

  1. 8DM is NOT real Deep House music, this is—Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It

    What the hell is that stuff in that demo sound like bad country music with a bad beat. Hey go study some real music then make a software. Also real House kicks are deep and heavy not like a bad rock sample kick!

    One more for you people to study. Lil’ Louis & The World, Club Lonely….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWwKbb8BivY&spfreload=10

    When did Deep House go WHITE! It’s Black music so you software makers time to get some Black in you to find your inner FUNK!

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