Spitfire Releases ‘Extended Family’ Sample Libraries

EFM_SD01_DUSTBUNDLE_3DCompositional tools creator Spitfire Audio has announced the first releases in its “Extended Family” series of sample libraries, all produced by third-party developers. The first libraries released are SD01 Dustbundle, and Redcola Trailer Giant volume 1.

British sample developers Sound Dust have created the first library, SD01 Dustbundle, a purpose-built bundle comprising all six of the company’s top-selling, “most inspiring, and delightful” virtual instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt platform. The bundle has instruments sampled from vintage 19th century Scottish Dulcitone keyboards, tonewheel organs, a “plastic ghost piano,” and the hilariously named Grand Thrift Autoharp.

EFM_REDCOLA_Vol_1The other library, Redcola Trailer Giant volume #1, is the world’s first purpose-built trailer toolkit designed by “behemoths of the trailer music and sound design world,” Redcola. The volume is a carefully-curated collection of sweeps, rises, falls, atmos, hits, pads, and ‘moments.’

Pricing and Availability. SD01 Dustbundle* can be purchased and downloaded directly from here for £99.00 GBP (subject to VAT within the EU). More information on SD01 Dustbundle, and audio demos, are available on the Spitfire Audio website.

Redcola Trailer Giant volume #1* can be purchased and downloaded directly from Spitfire Audio for £299.00 GBP (subject to VAT within the EU) from here.  For more information about Redcola Trailer Giant vol 1, check out the Spitfire Audio website.

*Note that both of these sample libraries requires a full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 4 or 5 to run.

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