Loopmasters Launches AudioCopy Store

Loopmasters has announced their AudioCopy Content Store, a collaboration with San Francisco-based developers Retronyms.

Sample packs from the Content Store can be used with a variety of iOS music apps, including Launchpad, iMPC Pro, Tabletop, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubasis, Arturia, DM1 and others.

Using the app, sounds can also be dragged to the desktop for use anywhere.

Loopmasters is offering a free pack to anyone who registers AudioCopy, which can be downloaded for free here.

13 thoughts on “Loopmasters Launches AudioCopy Store

  1. For the love of god, AudioCopy was once needed because iOS had a lot of issues doing the simple job of copying and pasting and using the general pasteboard- it may still do, but I haven’t encountered that problem in… years? Why would you make a pasteboard bloat ware? Why is it so slow, always? Who’s creative process works like this; hmm, I’ll just copy this sample and put it… OMG THERES A SHOP IN THE PASTEBOARD!

    Really? Retronyms have continued to degrade so bad. But bye lads.

  2. Seems like a reasonable way to deliver ‘sample packs’ in a closed environment to me? You even get a free sample pack- Jez, you guys are a tough crowd!

  3. For the record, I’m not a fan of these developers. Having said that, some of their work is good, good enough for the likes of Akai and Arturia to hire them.

    I think the first comment above is seriously misinformed. Audio copy and paste is still very much needed and in use by many iOS users despite the commentators hatred for the protocol.

    Almost every serious music app still has ACP or pasteboard capabilities for obvious reasons.

    If you make a 4 bar beat loop, it’s actually easier and faster to “paste that in” to another app than using AB or IAA. It’s also more precise .

    Without ACP, you’d be recording 4 bars into an iDAW and perhaps need to trim or even get the timing wrong due to the dreadful sync that most iOS apps have. We see that Michael Tyson is working hard to fix this issue bless him.

    You may be jamming on an iOS synth and get a great melody figured out, so you record it and paste it into another app. Again, easier and faster than creating a pipeline in AB.

    So ACP is still an essential for iOS users, so much so that most apps will include it out of demand.

    For tight sequencing, ACP is indispensable period.

    We are lucky to have ACP, background audio, virtual midi, audiobus and now interapp audio. This gives us a decent variety of options for our workflow and presumes all kinds of scenarios.

    We do not need to deem ACP as outdated just because we can chain ten fx to one synth these days.

    So Retronyms are working with Loopmasters to release one shots and loops for iOS? Great!

    Yet more options for iOS music production.

    Many producers will use loops to add to their creations and beginners can have the benefit of experimenting with pre made sounds to commence their journey into sequencing or track arrangement.

    It seems yet another big name ( Loopmasters ), is enlisting the services of Retronyms. This tells me they are doing something right.

    Could be that these loops and one shots end up in the hands of iMPC pro or Tabletop users- great!

    Let them have some creative fun.

    If you don’t like or don’t need certain products, a bit immature to go dissing them like this.

    The way I see it is that iOS is more open these days and the more options the better.

    Audiocopy still rocks and is useful just like the other protocols we can choose from.

      1. They are LA dudes and have egos like the rest of us, what do u expect? The flow where the money is at. Once it stops flowing they will abandon further updates to apps. They are like “session developers”. Once the session is over they stop.

        But this Loopmasters collab is a good thing. You don’t pay for the app and can preview before you buy the loops. So it’s for a certain target audience.

        Their new synth Phase84 actually looks good. Great design and visuals on it. I might bite and get it. Not to give them money but to get me a synth I like! £9.99 for a synth is pennies. I’m grateful they are keeping their prices down actually.

        So don’t hate on the products just cause the devs may be rude. If the product is good and affordable, I don’t care if satan himself made it:)

        1. It’s not about hate exactly, just loss of respect.

          Products have been repeatedly presented as one thing and delivered as another – most crucially – with key operational requirements missing.

          The products are not that good. They’re mediocre and will never be updated to include the things they need to make them good.

          After being burned several times, I stopped buying their products.

          There are better products available, for less money, that do deliver.

  4. Btw, I previewed the samples and loops and they are high quality and well presented. Some packs are over 1gb. For those that use such things, it’s a very very good deal

  5. Retronyms makes a great little app which is the closest some kids will come to having 303’s, pedals, MPC’s, etc. to hook together and make something. The app is inexpensive for what you get. Give the guys a few bucks for their work and STFU.

  6. Come on, guys. Developers have to earn money! It’s a good solution and not a must! But you can if you need some loops and samples and so on 🙂

  7. The iOS world is such that Forum-participating “enthusiasts” will blast developers for merely offering (in this case) samples. As far as I know these sample-packs aren’t an obtrusive ad blocking AudioCopy functions or being shoved into anyone’s face – – they’re quietly on offer in the background of an app (AudioCopy) that’s core to many users workflow.
    The trend of priveledged-world negativity over things like this is worrying on many levels but also it’s just a pain to trawl through in an otherwise creative meeting place like Synthtopia.

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