Synthetic Sound Labs Debuts VCA/ADSR Envelope Generator Combo Module

Synthetic-Sound-Labs-Envelope-VCA-PanelSynthetic Sound Labs has released the newest member of its line of (DOTCOM) compatible analog synthesizer modules, the 1235 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) / ADSR Envelope Generator (ADSR) Combo.

The compact module carries out functions that would traditionally require the space for at least two separate 1 MU modules in a single-width space.

In a typical voltage controlled studio such as a modular synthesizer, ADSR envelopes produce user-adjustable, time-varying DC voltages, and are used to control the dynamics of a sound. VCAs can use those ADSR outputs to control the relative amplitude of signals passed to it. Those signals may be either audio, or other control voltages. The VCA and ADSR have been ‘normalized’ for convenience, but may also be used completely separately.


  • Low-noise, low-distortion VCA provides controls for initial level and external control voltage amount.
  • ADSR Mode switch selects between Normal (single gate input per cycle), LFO (continuous cycling), and Gated LFO (cycles while Gate is applied).
  • Also included is a switch to select between the ‘traditional’ Logarithmic envelope shape, a linear envelope typical of early-era digital synths, and an Exponential envelope that’s handy for using linear VCAs is if they had an expo mode. ADSR has separate positive and negative going outputs.
  • Mmanual Gate button is provided which contains an LED indicating the relative output levels. The VCA & ADSR lighted slide controls allow ample room for manual adjustment, and the ADSR LEDs conveniently brighten to indicate the envelope cycle stages.
  • Flatted toggle switches control the six modes. 1?4” enclosed output jacks permit smooth, effortless patching. Quality solder masked, fiberglass-epoxy printed circuit boards, precision automated robotics and meticulous hand-crafted assembly “assure years of trouble-free service.”

Pricing and Availability.

SSL’s 1235 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) / ADSR Envelope Generator (ADSR) Combo is priced at $275 US and available from Synthetic Sounds Labs or select retailers.

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