Laurie Spiegel ‘Lost’ Bell Labs Interview

Electronic and computer music pioneer Laurie Spiegel¬†shared this ‘lost’ video interview from 1984.

The interview was taped at Bell Labs, with a brief intro by Max Mathews. In the interview, Spiegel discusses her experiences working with analog synthesizers, computer-aided music, algorithmic music and more.

The video was originally filmed for a documentary, but Spiegel says that most of this had not been previously seen.

You can find out more about Spiegel at her site.

7 thoughts on “Laurie Spiegel ‘Lost’ Bell Labs Interview

  1. For a second I thought something new had been discovered but then I realized I’d seen it before. It’s been on U2b since 2008.

  2. Great interview! Started out not great, the journo had no idea what she was talking about, but they eventually came up with a common language and interest. Pity about the constant interruptions, I can see why Laurie was feeling do self conscious!

  3. One of the things Laurie said in the first video, that caught my ear “The computer is an amplifier of what I can put out as a human being in sound” absolutely spot on, her enthusiasm even in those early days is inspiring.

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