Bitwig Studio 1.2 Debuts At NAMM 2015

Bitwig_Studio_1.2_GroupTracksAt the 2015 NAMM Show, which starts Thursday in Anaheim, CA, Bitwig is previewing Bitwig Studio 1.2.

Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio 1.2:

  • Group Tracks: In the next major update, you can improve the navigation of numerous tracks in every view of your project, while consolidating the signal flow of multiple sources through a single Group Track. The feature introduces a new style of editing in the Arrange View called “Meta Clips.” Meta Clips allow for easy editing of clips from multiple tracks in group track timelines. Group Tracks also expand upon Bitwig Studio’s Multi-out VST functionality, providing a convenient way to setup tracks for multi-timbral VST instruments, and useful functions to organize and consolidate your entire mix.
  • Audition Browser: To accelerate the browsing workflow, all devices in Bitwig Studio 1.2 feature an Audition icon. By clicking Audition, a user’s entire catalog of sound becomes available. Browse, audition, swap and insert anything from presets and samples to full clips of sounds during playback. The Audition Browser can be hidden from view to save screen real estate. Bitwig Studio’s advanced browsing eliminates the boundaries between devices to offer a meta view of all available sounds in one category.
  • Factory Content Update: The update adds three new demo songs, over 500 fully-mapped presets, and optimization of every preset in their Library.
  • Support for High-DPI and Retina Displays: Bitwig Studio 1.2 is now optimized for Macbook Retina and Windows High-DPI displays for a graphical user interface that is sharper than ever before.

Bitwig Studio 1.2 will be a free update for all Bitwig Studio owners. It is expected to be in beta testing in February.

28 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio 1.2 Debuts At NAMM 2015

  1. Bitwig is improving at an impressive rate and putting certain other developers to shame in terms of forum participation and addressing what ‘musicians’ will use rather than padding with sample libraries. Some of the modulation options and workflow methods are truly inspirational. I run Live Suit and Cubase 8 but have just bought a licence for BITWIG Studio in the sale as I don’t think I can ignore it any more…much as I wanted to!

      1. Hell yeah! I was justing thinking why doesn’t Logic have a Mellotron, almost bought that Mellotron RE over the holiday sale, but glad I waited now. I don’t know about the big touch screen aesthetic on the new Drum Machine Designer though, hopefully there’s a way to scale it like with the older synths. Oh, that reminds me, new compressors! Ok, back to Logic!

        1. About resizing the Drum Machine Designer…there’s no dropdown percentage menu because…you just drag it to whatever size you want with the mouse and it scales automagically! Mind blown!

          1. Really? Ive been using Logic for about 7 years and I think Bitwig is amazing! I love it and am hoping they keep adding features so I can fully switch away from logic. I don’t really think any of the features in 10.1 are mind blowing, I definitely like them all but Jeez bigwig is killing it right now too.

      2. Region automation? What is so special about copy a clip and the automation will be copied to the clip you copy? Lol bitwig has that also. Those who say bitwig suck just cause they are inexperience with the daw, cheers. Have a nice life 🙂 For me if bitwig sucks great for you. I love bitwig and have great time with it. i just dont see need for negative comments. In the end i think its amazing that bitwig only has 3 developers working on programming and the amount of updates they made since release.

    1. Got to hand it to them, the pace of their development is downright ridiculous.
      What the hell is going on at Ableton? Are we going to get some news anytime soon?

      These prison bars are getting dusty. I think I’ll spend more time on the Bitwig motorway the next few weeks.

  2. As predicted by the trailer – this really mind-blowing. I mean this was really not imaginable. I ask myself: how is that even possible.

    1. Group tracks and auditioning in the browser, is thtat what they call mind blowing? This exists in most DAWs generations ago.

      1. I’d say it’s not the features (which are actually cool) but how fast we’re seeing bitwig evolve, free for all us license holders. probably doesn’t seem the same from the outside, but I’ve been happy to see my investment get streamlined before my eyes.

      2. Auditioning browser what else daw has it? i think its quite uniqe the way bitwig has it. For me this is the most mindblowing thing about bitwig.
        Bitwigs auditon browser allows you to try out an another VSTi with a specific preset on a track insteed of your current VSTi. It will mute the old instrument and put this in to preview. If you like it press okey and it will switch out the instrument in the track with that specific preset. if not you will be able to keep your old instrument with its changes. you can directly mute audition browser to A vs B your current. This is amazing. Like a sketchbook. Sure you can still use your original browser and manually change instruments. But it will be hard To A vs B that way. This is what is fantastic about bitwigs audition browser.

        Group within groups might not be a first, but bitwig is one of few daws allowing for that. Being able to se meta-data on group will be nice to be able to copy a whole section without needing to open up the group or delete a section within the group.

    1. 1.1 just arrived a few weeks ago, and this was when I started using Bitwig. I waited til then because it wasn’t all there yet. I decided 1.1 is worth it enough to dump FL for many reasons. Now 1.2 on the way with some things I was hoping for, this is all a good sign. “Mind-blowing” whatever, Bitwig is a mind-blowing story to take on the establishment now, and I hope they can keep up their pace. Better for everyone, especially people using Bitwig.

  3. What about all that online collaboration stuff they promised before the first version dropped? What about ReWire support?

    1. Look on their site
      You will find anwser there. They have promised online for future version 2.0. Version 1.2 havent been released yet so it might take a while for 2.0 to release. A lot of nice updates in meanwhile.
      I’ve read something about not future plans for ReWire support.

  4. They said online collab is coming for 2.0. No big secret, you can see the plan on their website.
    So I’m guessing end of this year, maybe?

  5. Been using ableton for 5 years and Bigwig for 2 weeks and Bitwig beats ableton in a serious way. Im blown away by it. Its ridiculously quick in comparison and on that alone its won me over. Not even considering all of the awesome features that ableton doesn’t have namely the modulation system. I spent ages making custom max msp parameter modulation devices in ableton but when push came to shove I couldn’t use any of it in a track coz it crippled the CPU. All of this stuff is native in bigwig and it runs like a dream. I Have to say that they really put Ableton to shame to be honest.

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