Modulus Morphs Into Modal Electronics

modulus-synthesizer-angle2015 NAMM Show: Modulus, developer of the Modulus 002 synthesizer, will be introducing the synthesizer at NAMM under a new company name, Modal Electronics.

The company says

Though the Modulus trading name dates back to when current company co-founder and director Paul Maddox made his much-admired MonoWave synthesiser in 1999, by becoming aware of the reemergence from bankruptcy of a non-related MI industry company also known as Modulus, Maddox and his fellow directors decided to create a unique brand by also using The NAMM Show 2015 as the perfect platform to announce that it will be now known as Modal Electronics going forward.

At the Winter NAMM Show, Modal Electronics will be showcasing the 002 — its inaugural instrument and also the first analogue/digital hybrid polysynth to have been designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK for four decades.


The highly-specified analogue/digital hybrid super-synth offers 12 discrete voices of polyphony. It offers a hands-on user interface, a high-quality, context-sensitive 4.3-inch screen with wide viewing angle and flexible synthesis options.

The company says, with the ‘volumes being sold so swiftly, 002 has played a significant role in proving that whoever said that the high-end hardware synthesizer market is dead is dead wrong.’

The company says it is working on a range of follow-up product launches for 2015 and beyond. By bolstering its team with the welcomed appointment of William Neen, former CEO of Foxconn Europe, to the board of directors as company CFO, it now benefits from a wealth of electronics industry and manufacturing expertise.

The  Modal Electronics 002 is available to purchase for £2,995.00 GBP (plus VAT). EU pricing — correct at time of writing — is €3,795.00 EUR (plus VAT). US pricing — correct at time of writing — is $5,200.00 USD (plus local sales tax).

5 thoughts on “Modulus Morphs Into Modal Electronics

    1. True but this kybd is very unique in many ways ie: oscillator/filter types, & network capablities. I’ve played on both & perfer this over the standard DSI model (although the pro2 is awesome). It sounds in the flesh very Jupiter 6/OB expander to my ears. Admittedly it is expensive but for a synth that “breaks the mold” & being pommy I like it. Bet they do a mono soon 003:)

    2. The flavor, color of the sound that Modulus 002 generates is very different if comparing to what is coming form a typical a la “curtis filter” based machines. Soundwise it is totally different from a DSI range of synthesizers. I like that fact actually very, very much.


      Well, to simplify, soundwise, its about “apples or oranges” question. As simple as that.

      Take and listen to some DSI and Modulus 002 demos.

      Compare them.

      Especially when it comes to driven sawtooth wave based sounds. Especial brass. If you do listen carefully, you will notice the core difference between Modululs 002 and DSI sound architecture logic. Mostly because of the filter selection on those machines.

      Which one you prefer is as I said just a matter of taste. No big deal. Or, is it?

  1. i’d love to see a module version of this synth. i would love to have this synth but would prefer a module to save space. oh yeah, but then i would need to save up for it! 🙂

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