Korg Intros MS-20 Module Kit with SQ-1 Analog Sequencer


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Korg is introducing the MS-20 Module Kit with SQ-1 Analog Sequencer. 

The Korg MS-20 Module Kit lets you build a module version of the iconic MS-20 analog synthesizer, with greatly expanded synthesis capabilities over Korg’s previous MS-20 synths.

The MS-20 kit features all the synthesis power of the MS-20, plus new oscillator sync and FM modes, a filter select switch (to jump between the original and later production filters from the original MS-20), and a comprehensive junction section for integration with SQ-1 and other CV-equipped analog components.

According to Korg, ‘This desktop version of the MS-20 puts real analog gear the hands of musicians looking to integrate classic sounds with their current setup’.

Here’s the official video intro:

Limited to a run of 1,000 units worldwide, each MS-20M Kit will come bundled with an SQ-1 sequencer, featuring dual CV (Hz/V and V/Oct) trigger and gate, Audio Sync (to clock volca series, electribes, or monotribe), three-pin and USB MIDI and more. This lets you integrate the MS-20M – along with any other CV-equipped analog product – into a digital/analog hybrid production setup.

“The feature-rich sequencing of the SQ-1 is sure is fun, flexible, and powerful; with options to run and/or clock multiple devices,” says James Sajeva, Brand Manager for Korg products.

The MS-20 Module Kit with SQ-1 Analog Sequencer is priced at US $1,700. Availability is to be announced.

23 thoughts on “Korg Intros MS-20 Module Kit with SQ-1 Analog Sequencer

  1. This looks great, but I don’t understand why it’s priced at more than twice the mini in kit form without keys. At that price, it’s competing with the Sub-37. Anyway, I hope they will at least offer the Sq-1 as a standalone volca-style unit.

  2. $1,700 ?!? WHAT?!? this is a joke?
    Waaaaay too much!!
    VERY disappointed by the price.
    Around $999 it’ll be ok, but this…
    I will NEVER spend that amount of money for this, sorry,

  3. Less than $1k and it would be a buy for sure. Glad they did this instead of a MS-50 reissue. I still might consider doing a keybedectomy of a MS-20 mini…. and where’s the mod kit for that BTW?!

  4. could we not just get a module of the mini, with a stable-bodied build more similar to a volca?

    cheers for the added Sync FM and PWM tho, very nice. but yeah, definitely a joke considering the mini’s street prices are getting below 500$…

  5. I think at this point if you don’t want to drop to much money and you want to own an MS20, then they will sell you a mini.

    In the future maybe they will sell a mini module, once the market for the mini dies down. At the end of the day I’m glad they are able to release so much cool stuff and maybe we have to accept that they are able to do this because they have figured out how to stagger releases to make the most money.

  6. So I understand that the bundle special is what’s actually what’s ‘limited’. Korg will continue to make MS-20 module Kit….the module is not limited to 1000 units.

  7. $1599 in Australian roubles (87 degrees Fahrenheit in ‘Murican money at the current exchange rate I think).

    And I have to build it myself?


  8. beautiful. completely uninterested in the sequencer. just let me at that synth. seriously.. the sexiest mono synth i’ve seen in a while. a welcome addition next to my FR XS and T.O SEM. with all of Korg’s great recent re releases… maybe a ms50 will be in our future too!

  9. Well guess I should go ahead and purchase the Analog 4, honestly no amount of nostalgia goes that far into my wallet, with the money I save I’ll buy a MS20 and have my A4 drive it via midi 🙂 plus I have the A4 effects and parameter locks to boot!

    1. why not drive it via gate/cv if you already own the a4? besides, the a4 doesnt have a midi seq^^

      i do the same with my minitaur and a4, works like a charm

  10. first everyone is like naaa the mini is cheaply built, just make a module with higher built quality who cares about the price, and now everyone is like “nooo way too expensive blabla”

    whats the point? if you want to buy it cheap, buy the mini, if you want it full size, buy the kit, if you want a module buy the module…

  11. I’ve got the ms-20m now integrated with my Reason-based studio. The mini seems like cheap plastic in terms of build quality by comparison.

    I also have a Radias and find that I much prefer the bigger controls on the full size module for knob twiddling.

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