Realivox Previews The Ladies 2.0 At The 2015 NAMM Show

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Realitone‘s Mike Greene was previewing Realivox – The Ladies 2.0, an update to their¬†vocal synthesizer that focuses on female voices.¬†

Version 2 is a free update for owners of the previous version. Realivox – The Ladies is normally priced at $395, but is currently on sale for $295.

See the Realitone site for more info.

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4 thoughts on “Realivox Previews The Ladies 2.0 At The 2015 NAMM Show

  1. Even though I love analogue synths and think Namm 2015 is an amazing year for those, I still come from the late 80s “digital era”. I did dream one day of owning a DX-7 or a D-50… as well as the mighty Fairlight or Kurzweil sampler. Why Kurzweil? Well it had amazing choirs!
    I remember walking into a music shop (back when I lived in San Diego) and pressing the keys of the Kurzweil K250 and could not believe the quality of the samples, especially the vocal presets! Since then, I got hooked into vocal samples. Never did I dream back then, that such quality or even better would be made available for 1/10th of the price.
    With this said, The Ladies from Realivox looks like a nice compliment to my East West vocal libraries.

  2. Dan

    Are there any high-quality demos of the new version yet?

    I like what you’re doing with this app, but the sound quality from NAMM is always pretty bad. So I’d like to check out good audio demos!


  3. What are the applications for these instruments? I could see myself using them in composition, but not a final recording. Surprisingly though, I enjoy super computerized sounding vocals. The range between believably realistic and completely unrealistic is an odd place to be sonically for me.

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