Free Yamaha Synth Book For iOS Combines Virtual Synth & Vintage Synths

yamaha-synth-bookAt the 2015 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced a new iOS app that combines a virtual synth with vintage synths – the Yamaha Synth Book.

This app features a complete history of Yamaha Synthesizers, an integrated virtual analog soft synth, and serves as a portal to Yamaha’s online synth communities.

The app is being released as part of Yamaha’s celebration of its 40 year history of makin

The history features detailed, “behind the scenes” information about the 40-year design and development history of Yamaha synthesizers. It covers the technological breakthroughs behind key Yamaha synthesizers, from teh CS-80 to the DX-7, and some fantastic vintage synth rarities, too.

The app also includes a software synthesizer. .

AN2015 features virtual analog modeling like the AN1x. It also features a drum part that you can use for backing.

free-yamaha-software-synthesizerYamaha highlights two ways to use the synth:

  • As standalone iOS app – There are 2 modes available, SYNTH mode and Drum mode that work at the same time, e.g. when drum phrase is playing, Analog sound can be selectable and playable with the drum phrase, and vice versa without stopping ongoing music
  • Use it with a MOXF as an external tone generator – When connected to the Yamaha MOXF Music Production Synthesizer (OS version 1.10) using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter by Apple, the MOXF becomes the MIDI/Audio interface for the iOS app creating a very powerful music production system.


  • ‘Analogue’ Synth
    • Tone Generator: Virtual Analogue Modelling
    • Polyphony: 8
    • Preset voice: 64
    • Arpeggiator: 1-Scale: 1
    • Polyphonic Pad
  • Drum Part
    • Tone Generator: Audio (Drum loop and time stretch function included)
    • Part: 1
    • Polyphony: 1
    • Drum Pad: 16
    • Drum Pad Set: 5

Other features include a portal to Yamaha’s social media forums and a catalog of the company’s current synth lineup.

Yamaha Synth Book is a free download from the App Store.

21 thoughts on “Free Yamaha Synth Book For iOS Combines Virtual Synth & Vintage Synths

  1. By the ways the mobile music sequencer which was 17.99 now is free, both ipad and iphone.
    Also the synth arp program which was 7.99 is free
    and keyboard arp 3.99 is now free

  2. If you want to install on an ipad, email the app store link above or you wont get it on the search function.
    One the big pains of app store is there are apps that are iPad compatible but the app store will not let you see them unless you get a direct link

    1. Yes, that worked for me too, even in the German App Store.

      The built-in synth is very nice, but it’s only vaguely similar to the AN1x/AN200. Firstly, the AN1x had only two oscillators, not three, and secondly the extensive modulation “matrix”, the free envelopes and the step sequenzer are missing in the software version.

  3. Get this, it’s basically an AN1x/AN200 synth (with less parameters but there’s 90% of it there) for free. It really sounds pretty much like the AN1x I used to have. It’s unbelievable it’s now on my phone.

  4. Pretty nice app, if not a little big. The preset sounds are very good, and I like the center “oscilloscope” which allows you to change multiple parameters at once. I’ll have to dig into it more, but based on preset 42 LandBreeze, (a really lush pad) I’d say you can program some really nice sounds. Thanks Yamaha!

  5. Here’s some speculation:

    First Yamaha President, Takuya Nakata, gives “Sequential Circuits” back to Dave Smith for free, then Yamaha releases an app that romanticizes their analog past. I think they’re getting ready to get back in the analog game, and might even be bringing Dave Smith on as a consultant (keep in mind that Dave used to work for Yamaha R&D back in the day:

    It seems to make a lot of sense, and man, I hope it’s true.

    Dave and Yamaha: Please let this be true and make new versions of the beloved CS15/30 and CS50/60/80!

    1. I see it that way too. Perhaps a collaboration in the future?
      I hope, however, they move forward with new designs while catering to the retro set.

    2. Don’t see any DSI connection, and Dave Smith has his hands full with his own business.

      But Yamaha is obviously trotting out their 40 year synth history for a reason. They want you to be thinking about cool Yamaha synths and how Yamaha should put out some new synths!

      My guess is that they’ve got something coming at Musikmesse.

      Also – great freebie. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Managing the site I was quite dissapointed that they COMPLETELY left out their CX5M music computer range. Ok, it’s FM, just like the DX7, DX5, TX81z, … but even in the chapter ‘home production’ there’s nothing to be found.

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