Club Of The Knobs Modular Synthesizers At NAMM 2015

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Kazike (Gerd Peun) was displaying a huge Club Of The Knobs modular synthesizer.

Club Of The Knobs is based in Portugal and makes Moog format synthesizer modules. Their early modules were Moog clones, but now the majority of their line is new designs for the MU format.

Here’s an overview of the COTK modular system:

Kazike highlighted a new Euclidean sequencer, a Bode Frequency Shifter, the Poly Resonators module, a Dual Scale Programmer and several of his polyphonic module designs.

Here are audio examples of the COTK system in action:

Information on the entire line of Club Of The Knobs modules is available at COTK site.

14 thoughts on “Club Of The Knobs Modular Synthesizers At NAMM 2015

  1. Love that first clip. So much depth! I love all this modular madness! Hope it just keeps growing and growing. I just wish I could afford it too! Can I sell my soul?

  2. Looks like the produce clones of the famous Moog modular systems for much, much cheaper. The Model 15 is only 3000 euro (3400 usd) compared to 10000 usd for the Moog.

  3. It’s frustrating to see Moog get the big modular hype, when this is what Bob Moog would be doing, if he had put out new modules.

    He wouldn’t recreate 40-year old modules, he’d update them for the 21st century.

    That’s what he did with the Voyager and it’s what he would have done with modular too.

    Meanwhile, this guy is making some of the best modules ever created!

    1. Look how well the Voyager turned out…huge % of them faulty, and when they work they don’t have the depth of sound of the Model D.

      Personally, and I know I’m not alone in this, if Moog had recreated the Model D, as they have done with the Modular remakes, I would have snapped their hands off, and when you consider all of system 11s,33s and 55s are SOLD OUT in advance, then who is the fool ? certainly not Moog who just made over 3 million bucks.

      I do like these newer clones too, but they are not Moog, they wont have the resale value (should you need it) or the collector status (should you need it) but you might be happy telling people you can do the same on the Arturia version with your ipad, in which case why are you even watching this ?

  4. This guy is awesome and that modular is just amazing!

    I hope the 5U market heats up again, because Euro only succeeds in being cheaper and smaller, the big modulers win on most other counts.

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